Fashion artist and Illustrator Danny Roberts Scribble Study sketch of Russian Trump Super Model Polina Kouklina


Polina Kouklina Study Sketch

Well, it’s been a lazy Sunday afternoon. I spent the morning writing and working on the book. Hoping to wrap up Chapter 11 out of 20 today. Last week, got in 2 chapters in 7 days which was the fastest we have ever done. So we are getting there. Wow, it is a long process, but i’ve been enjoying it. David’s out front right now washing his car with his girl friend Kristie, and I was just working on planning out this week. I thought i would post this super rough study sketch i did a few weeks back of model Polina Kouklina. It’s pretty raw, but i hope you like it. :) Now i think it’s time to go jump in the pool!

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