Beautiful inspiration friday Photo by Fashion Photographer Chadwick Tyler of Model Ali Michael

Inspiration Friday

We Dream of a New World

(1. Photo by the great Mr. Chadwick Tyler. via tumblr via tumblr 4.Egon Schiele 5.Henry Dager via tumblr)

Happy Inspiration Friday my friends!
I thought since David and i are writing a book that takes place in another world, that it would be apropos to lay out some Inspiration Friday post that are inspired by other worldly things. The next thing i knew, i had laid out the posts for the next 9 weeks. This week is the first out of a 9 part series. I hope you like it. :)

p.s. if you know who took pictures 2,3, and 6. let me know ;)

inspiration friday image from tumblr of a baby deer standing in the snowInspiration friday image from tumblr of beautiful white and pale pink roses Inspiration friday Painting of colorful houses by austrian artist egon schieleInspiration friday Painting Artist henry dager of a girl and dragonInspiration friday photo from tumblr of white snowy mountains from tumblr
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