Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Experiment 3d photo and Digital Painting of Marchasea Fall 2011 Lace dress from New York Fashion Week

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Hey Friends!
Happy belated 4th for you who celebrate the 4th of July. And thank you for your kind comments on the video. You’re really too kind :) I was cruising around on tumblr yesterday and stumbled on to a site who had posted this picture. I seriously had completely forgotten about this experiment in the realm of 3d modeling and digital painting. It turned out so crazy. I really like it. The picture was inspired from the Marchesa Fall 2011 Collection. I really enjoy Marchesa’s collections. I always picture the royal family in our storybooks wearing Marchesa. I hope you like it, and hope you’re having an amazing day.

Book update: David and I are up to 235 pages written so far. We are on chapter 11 and just passed the half way point on the rough draft. I can’t wait for you all to read it :)

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