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Inspiration friday photo of a statue and a swirly painting

Inspiration Friday Music

Dancing With Strings

Yay! Happy Inspiration Friday, my friends! So i posted the song i wrote the other day. Let me know what you think of it :) The lovely Miss Stacy King is going to do vocals for it. I’m really really excited about it. The Instruments: Typewriter (for the beat), Cello, viola, Violin, Piano, Pads, other stuff but can’t remember… Also, I had an project idea today that involves whoever wants to be apart of it. The program is called “Blind Imagination” So basically the concept is: 1: You go out and record and put together 1-2 minutes of “Interesting” Audio and Email it to me at [email protected] 2: Then I will listen to it, and i will try to come up with a visual for the audio i pick. Try to make it interesting, and make it hard to for me to figure out what the audio is of. :) Whatcha think? Photos Via:,, Ghostparties, TheVamoose, Supermassiveblackholes

black and white Inspiration friday image of a girl in cute black shoesInspiration friday of a girls green eye and a girl looking forwarda ghostly  Inspiration friday of a girl crowd surfingInspiration friday of a naked girl running through fire works and a of a girls hair flying
Igor and andre Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Fashion Model iris egbers for models dot com Top Newcomers Spring 2011 Series


Iris Egbers Top Newcomers Spring 2011

So today has been a big time multi-tasking day… I’m currently exporting a new video i edited for you all. I’m excited to show you it.Also about to leave for the Lumber yard, Cause i’m finally going to build some large format shelves to keep my originals safe. I seriously have been needing to do this for some time now. I have thousands of Originals that have nowhere to go. Also need to get some drawings done… big day, should be fun.How about you? Up to anything fun today? Well the painting today is from My Top Newcomers Spring 2011, i did for Picture is of Iris Egbers. Iris has a really unique & interesting look… Very Expressive. Well, i hope you like it!

Artist Danny Roberts Mixed media portrait of Irish Fashion Model Laura O'Grady of Supreme Management and select model Management , mediums scratchboard, water soluble cran


Laura O’Grady – Scratchboard

I had some fun yesterday with a scratchboard and water soluble crayons. I was looking through Irish model Laura O’Grady’s Instagram account and was inspired by one of her posts. I sketched two versions of it, and will post the other version tomorrow. Also, I have a video coming soon. Hope you’re having a great day.

Visual Artist & Fashion Painter Danny Roberts Reinterpreted Vogue Taiwan Magazine Cover of Japanese Model Actress Rila Fukushima

Magazine Cover

Rila Fukushima Vogue Taiwan

Rila Fukushima is a Model/Actress I’ve been meaning to paint for awhile, so yesterday, I started on this piece. I was planning on just doing a basic freehand sketch, but as I finished the outline I decided to experiment with different layering techniques. I ended up using pen, ink, acrylic, and cut-out and layered different types of paper. I really like how it turned out. I had forgotten how much I loved to sketch with a pen.

This painting is inspired by Vogue Taiwan’s cover of Rila photo by Leslie Kee.

Artist Danny Roberts Pen and Coffee sketch of Korean ulzzang model jung hye won, ahyiseukeurimsong


Jung Hye Won – Breakfast Sketch

During breakfast yesterday, got the urge to do some pen and coffee sketches. I found photos of this really fun and interesting girl named Jung Hye Won. A lot of her pictures were taken at dynamic angles with a wide angle lens, making her look almost like a cartoon. I was really inspired to draw her, so as I ate breakfast, I freehand sketched this picture. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Foreshortening is one of the skills I struggle with a lot, and I think it turned out pretty cool considering that.
So… What’s been inspiring you lately? ;)

Artist Danny Robert painted portrait of Young Japanese model and Actress Nana Komatsu


Nana Komatsu

Yesterday, I was scrolling through images on tumblr, when i stumbled on to one of the most adorable actresses i’ve seen. Her name is Nana Komatsu; she is a Japanese actress based out of Tokyo. She inspired me to start sketching, and this painting was born. It was a mixed media portrait using coffee, fluid inks, and color pencil on Arches water color paper. I hope you like it.

Also, just wanted to update you on a few things. David and I just finished the second draft of our first novel. We can’t wait till you all get to read it. Tim & I are about halfway done with the Dream Walking Society album. It’s going to be amazing. It already sounds so good. :)

How about you? how are you doing?

Colorful painting of DNA fashion Model Emily Baker holding a lamb in New Zealand by the sea


Emily Baker and the Lamb

A little while back, I came across this picture of Kiwi Model Emily Baker. I had been wanting to paint a picture of her for a while, but I was waiting for a reference that really captured her amazing personality. During that time, I was experimenting on some new painting techniques. For this I used my own version of Tint type techniques. I like the vibe of the final painting. What do you think of it? Hope you like it :)

Artist Danny Roberts self portrait 2014 Valentine Kissing a girl in Marchesa spring 2012

Valentines day

Need a Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day! So this week, I thought I would make a valentine for you all. If you were wondering, it is me in the picture. The girl is wearing a dress from Marchesa Spring 2012, and I’m wearing Gucci Fall 2014. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpreted June 1950 Vogue cover of Jean Patchett by Irving Penn

Magazine Cover

Irving Penn Vogue 1950

Good Morning. A few months ago, I was asked by the person who runs @shitamodelsays if I would reinterpret one of my favorite Irving Penn Vogue covers. The cover is from Vogue June 1950 featuring the lovely Jean Patchett. So last week I decided to freehand my own rendition of the cover. I busted out some handmade paper I was saving for a special occasion. I really love how it turned out. Has such a classic look and feel. I think it’s my favorite reinterpreted covers. I hope your like it.