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Full page cover in orange county register feature Danny Roberts art

Feature Press

The Orange County Register

Happy Saturday!
So a few weeks ago, I was featured in the Orange County Register on the cover of their Fashion Section. I tried scanning it, to no avail, so I decided to wait till I got a pdf of the article. It was a really cool experience to be featured in my hometown. I don’t get much local press, so I was blown away by such a big and amazing feature. I’m excited to share it. Thank you Joanne Clay for the article :)

Two page Article in the orange county register on igor and andre Artist Danny Roberts
Artist Danny Roberts and model artist codie young painting a picture of knightcat
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Speed Painting video

Knightcat Speed Painting

Well, Codie Young and I have been wanting to post this speed painting video for a while now, but i was just waiting for this site to launch. This painting was one of favorite paintings to work on. As you can see in the video, Codie and I co-painted the whole piece together. It was my first time ever painting with someone on the same piece at the same time. It was a great give and take of ideas. Plus, it worked out nicely Codie being left handed and me right handed. Also, its pretty funny to watch us over the four days get more and more sunburnt. By the end of the video, we are both bright red. The music is a song my friend and i wrote for our up and coming album for The Dream Walking Society.

Artist Danny Roberts Character sketchbook Drawing of  Laura OGrady


Laura O’Grady

I’m excited to introduce to you one of my favorite New Models, Laura O’Grady. Laura is an Irish model represented by Select Model Management and Supreme Management. I was doing some research online when i stumbled on to a few pictures of her that really inspired me to draw. I decided to add her into one of my on going series, the Newcomer portrait series, and as a new ongoing member of my project called the Character Sketchbook. This drawing is #226 in Volume 3 of the Character sketchbook. She is definitely on David & my list of people we want to work with in upcoming photo shoots.

Fashion Illustrator Artist Danny Roberts painted portrait of Andy Torres StyleScrapbook blogger portrait


Andy Torres StyleScrapbook

Well most of you might already know her, but for those who don’t, it’s my pleasure to introduce my good friend Andy Torres of the blog StyleScrapbook. I’ve known Andy for almost five years now, and i had wanted to do a portrait of her for my “Blogger Portrait Series” ever since i met her. She and her boyfriend Richard are two of my brother and my favorite people. Check out her blog and i hope you like the portrait.

A collage merging Artist Danny Roberts artwork and Chadwick Tylers photography into one piece


Visual Artist Collaboration

As you know I’ve been branching out from just drawing and painting to also pursue photography. So this past July I contacted my good friend, photographer Chadwick Tyler, about collaborating on a photographic/art project. On paper our artistic styles seem like opposites, however we thought it would be interesting to find some middle ground to merge our own unique visions. Through the process of exploring our artistic compatibility, over three days we created 140 different collages. It was amazing to me how well our pieces complemented each other. The frame above is the first of many pieces that will be posted from time to time. The funny thing is, this project wasn’t even part of our proposed collaboration, it was done solely for the purpose of figuring out how our works would look together. I was, and am still, completely shocked and blown away at how well the styles work together.

Artist Danny Roberts reinterpreted Magazine Cover of phoebe tonkins on miss vogue Australia 12th June 2013

Magazine Cover

Phoebe Tonkins Miss Vogue

I’m so happy to finally be posting on Igor + André’s new home. For my First Post, it seemed only right to post my reinterpretation of my friend Phoebe Tonkins on the cover of Miss Vogue Australia. I started this piece a few months ago, but it got interrupted by several photo shoot trips to New York. Now that I’m back, I had time to finally finish the piece. I really like how it turned out. I ended up liking the painting inverse as much as the positive, so I decided to post both. I hope you like the piece and enjoy the new site. For more info on what mediums and materials i used on the piece look below in the “Explore” Section ;)

Vogue Cover Production notes:
Photographer: Todd Barry, Styling: Rebecca Caratti, Hair: Michele McQuillan, Make-up: Amanda Reardon, Manicure: Donna Maree

Artist and model codie young Collaboration with igor and andre artist danny roberts painting of Knightcat.


KnightCat Artist Collaboration

Hey friends, how was your weekend? And for you in the US, how was your Thanksgiving? Well, the painting today is one i co-painted with artist and model Codie Young. This was one of the greatest Artist Collaboration, i’ve done. I wish you could see it in real life. It’s one of my favorite paintings, and sadly pictures don’t do it justice. It’s 30″X40″ on Wood. All the skin tone and hair was painted with wood stain, which was super interesting to use as an art medium. I will definitely be using it again. For the background and markings we used oil paint. We carved out the eyes two layers deep into the wood and painted in with acrylic. It was so much fun painting it with Codie. It was my first time ever painting a picture at the same time with someone also. It was an interesting and great experience. I have a video that I will be posting soon on the process. For you Art collectors out there this Piece is up for sell in the Igor + André Store.
Also Tomorrow My Skillshare Class opens up. You Can Sign up Here. Please let me know what you think of the class. I spent a lot of time on the class and really hope it helps you grow as an artist/Fashion enthusiast.

Artist Danny Roberts Concept Sketch of story Character Knight cat

Concept Sketch

KnightCat Concept Sketch

Well, I am happy to say that I just finished uploading all the videos to my Skillshare class. :) It was a good challenge for me. I’m not use to articulating my art process, and definitely not use to doing talking videos. David was kind enough to help me with the videos. All ‘n all, I’m really excited for you to take the class. We actually cover alot of techniques and concepts, so I can’t wait to see what you all make for it. The class unlocks next Wednesday, December 4, 2013. Since it’s online, you can do the class at your own pace. I’m going to try to post some of my favorite student projects on here each month. If you want to take the class click here for more information. Now for the drawing… the sketch above is the concept sketch for a collaboration I did with model Codie Young. For you who follow me on Instagram, you know what i’m talking about. I will be posting more about the collaboration, plus a video of us creating it, in future posts. This sketch was just the raw first draft concept sketch for a character from the book that David and I wrote. The character’s name is Knightcat. I hope you like her ;)

Artist Danny roberts Concept sketch of tiffany and company mural for his skill share class


Fashion Drawing SkillShare Art Class

Sorry for such a long absence from blogging. I haven’t forgotten about you. I have just been working hard on getting the New Igor+André Website Launched. It’s complete. Just working out a few bugs on it. I really hope you like it. Also I’m teaching a art class on Skillshare. It’s a Class on Fashion Drawing. You just pay $20 one time and you have unlimited access to the Class videos, drawing resources and Lessons. You can Sign up right now by Click Here. I would love to have you in the class. Also if you are wanting to order Christmas prints, order them sooner rather than later :) If you could help us get the word out about the class. Please tell your friends. The More the Merrier ;) Once the new site is up and running, David and i plan on starting up consistently blogging again. We’ve also started branching out into doing photography… so i can’t wait to share our photo shoots. :)

Fashion Artist Danny Roberts commissioned Tiffany and Company Mural
A black and white photo of karl lagerfeld drawn onto a eggs by artist danny roberts


Karl Eggerfeld the Easter Edition

Well, Hello Friends & Happy Easter,
Wow, i know it’s been forever since i’ve posted. I wanted to let you know i haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. I’ve been building Igor + Andre 2.0. I’m pretty much finished now, just bug testing it. I’m so excited for you to see it. I went back through every post and labeled what mediums i used on each drawing and stuff like that. Anyways, hopefully you will get to explore it really soon.
So the post today is of Karl Lagerfeld or in this case, Karl Eggerfeld. I had the idea last Easter to draw Karl on an Easter egg, so i decided to do it yesterday. I had a lot of fun making it. I hope you like it. Hope you’re doing great. :)

A color photo of karl lagerfeld drawn onto a eggs by artist danny roberts sitting in a cup An animation of karl lagerfeld drawn onto a eggs by artist danny roberts