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Artist Danny Roberts Drawn interpretation of model codie young by photographer camille vivier for Lula Magazine


Codie Young

Hey Friends how was your halloween?
Did any of you dress up?
David got his tonsils taken out yesterday so been hanging out with him, as he recovers.
Well i finally finished the Codie Young Portrait. I really like how it turned out.
It was inspired Camille Vivier picture for Lula Magazine. Let me know what you think i hope you like it :)

P.s. Happy Birthday Codie :)

Artist Danny roberts working drawings of Fashion Model Codie Young


A Work in Progress – Codie Young

Hey Friends, Been working non-stop on the book. Finished editing the first draft. Now, my brother and I are planning out the books in the Series. I can’t wait for you all to read it. :) I’m working on a piece right now of the lovely Codie Young from Lula Magazine. I’ve been posting picture of the progress on Instagram. I thought i would post them on here for you. :)

Artist Danny roberts working drawings of Fashion Model Codie YoungArtist Danny roberts working drawings of Fashion Model Codie Young Artist Danny roberts working drawings of Fashion Model Codie YoungArtist Danny roberts working drawings of Fashion Model Codie Young just adding colorArtist Danny roberts working drawings of Fashion Model Codie Young just adding colorArtist Danny roberts working drawings of Fashion Model Codie Young just adding color
Artist Danny Roberts portrait of the beautiful fashion model Daphne Groeneveld inspired by Alasdair McLellan

Models Portrait

Daphne Groeneveld

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? We had a relaxing one. Just hung out and worked on this portrait of the beautiful Daphne Groeneveld. As some of you recall I did a portrait of Daphne Groeneveld, for’s Top Newcomers Spring 2011. I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I would have liked on my last portrait of her, and though i really like the first portrait, I thought I would do another one and spend a little bit more time on it. Last Friday I picked up a pencil and some illustration board and started sketching and this is what was born out of it. I really like how it turned out. I feel like it captures a touch of feeling in the expression. My picture was inspired by Alasdair McLellan’s photo. I hope you like it :)

rtist Danny Roberts Re interpretation of Cynthia frebour angelic darkness photo of tonya Antonina Vasylchenko of Ukraine IMG Models girl.

Newcomer Portrait Series

Antonina IMG Models

Hey Friends!
How are you? I’m happy to say that David and I finished the First Draft of our book, which means we are a few months away for starting to submit it to Publishers. We are really excited for you all to read it. Well, the post today is part of my Newcomer Portrait Series, and the portrait is of Antonina of IMG. Antonina first caught my eye a few months ago, when i saw a picture of her on tumblr. I thought she would be a great addition to the series. She has such a great and unique look. She has a Classic Beautiful look. When i was working on the portrait, i couldn’t decide which version of the portrait i liked better, the color or black and white, so i thought i would post both. I also posted some of my favorite pictures of Antonina below. I hope you like the portrait. :)

antonya vasylchenko antonya img
Video screenshot of Tiffany & Co.  by Artist Danny Roberts


Tiffany Film Short by Nick Bowser

Hello Friends!
How are you? Well, David and i have been working hard the last few weeks on finishing up the first draft of our book. We are currently 450 pages into it and 7 pages into the last chapter. It’s kinda surreal that we will be finished with it in the next few days. Well, I’m really happy to finally get to share this amazing short film of my mural for Tiffany & Company last month. My friend Nick Bowser filmed and edited it, and my friend Tim Frost wrote the music. It really turned out amazing.

Artist Danny Roberts reinterpretation of Ali Michael Coach poppy advertisement

Advertisement Poppy

Ali Michael Poppy’s & Color

Hey Friends!
How are you? I’ve been catching up on rest. Also, trying to rescan all my old drawings that i lost files for when my harddrive crashed. The image today is one of those paintings that was lost. When i was scanning it, i realized i had never posted it before. The painting is of the Ali Michael in Coach Poppy campaign. It turned out super bright and colorful. I hope you like it :)

Artist Danny Roberts of igor and andre video for IMG Models Show Package
0:00 / 0:00

Models Projects Showcards

IMG Models Spring 2013 Show Package

Well, my friends, it’s finally up! So excited to share this with you. I was asked by IMG Models to make a stop motion video of coloring their Show book for this season that came out today. The Show book is incredible. It was made in a way that it’s a coloring book, and every model’s showcard can tear out if you want to. I decided to keep my book intact seeing as it’s the largest coloring book I own. It was actually the first show package I’ve ever received, which was cool in itself. I got the coloring book Friday morning, and started coloring right away. Three days, 9 large bags of candy, 138 pages and 6,435 pictures later, this video was born. Saturday morning, David and I were at Peet’s drinking coffee (a Saturday morning Family Tradition), when we came up with the idea of incorporating candy into the video. We thought that Models, candy, and coloring books would be the best combo ever. We picked up 9 massive bags of candy and separated every candy and every color into different glasses. As i colored, David and his girlfriend Kristie would arrange and re-arrange the candy patterns between frames. I think my favorite in the video is in the finale, David had the idea of having the Starbursts bloom like flowers. It happens really fast, but looks really cool. There are a lot of fun little hidden things in the video, so it might be worth watching with YouTube slow motion, like the Starburst pacman, and when i paint one of the pictures with pink Good & Plenties dipped in water. I think we will post tomorrow some of our favorite stills from the video. Oh yea, and the song is by my friends, Zac, Ryan and Alice Baxley. They have a side project called “Cars! Bullets! Trains!!!” and the song is called “Just Count to Ten”. Well, I hope you like it. We had so much fun making it. Let me know what you think. ;)

Artist danny Roberts interpretation of Heather Marks Vogue Nippon

Magazine Cover

Heather Marks Vogue Nippon January 2004

(Inspired by Vogue Nippon January 2004 Cover. Photographer: Jesse Shadoan, Model: Heather Marks)

Hey friends, How was your weekend? David and i had a good one. Saturday, we had the pleasure of having dinner with Friends Chiara Ferragni & Shea Cheyenne & all their friends who are part of their road trip coast to coast across America. It was really fun seeing them.

So do you remember about a month back i told you my hard drive containing all my drawings crashed. Well, i sent it off to data recovery and just got it back, so i have been searching night and day through the hard drive to try and find some of my favorite drawings. I’m happy to say i’ve been able to recover almost all of my old drawings. The only bad thing is there are about 40-50 drawings that are unrecoverable, so i’m going to have to spend the next few weeks going through stacks of drawing and re-scaning the missing artwork files. I will keep you posted on that. The good news is going through all my files caused me to rediscover some drawings i did 3-4 years ago that i forgot about. The Post today is an illustration i did of model Heather Marks on the cover of Vogue Nippon. I like the cool blue mood of it. I think I did it with micro and prisma color pens on bristol paper.

Beautiful dreamy under water photo by photographer Barbara Cole of a girl in white see through dress

Inspiration Friday

Cotton Candy for the Summer Girl

(1. Barbara Cole 2. Jacques Henri Lartigu 3. Philip Govedare 4. Not sure found on tumblr)
Happy Inspiration Friday
I seriously can’t believe a week has gone by since we were in New York. This week went by So Fast. Since it’s been Pretty hot here in California, I thought this weeks Inspiration friday set would have the feel of a sunset in the summer. I hope you have a inspired day.

Inspiration Friday Image of Picture of Two Women with oranges by French photographer and painter Jacques Henri LartigueBeautiful landscape painting for this weeks inspiration friday by Philip GovedareBeautiful inspiration friday photo of a girls back and profile with flowers in her hair