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Beautiful soft portrait of model Richie Hines laying in bed morning light by danny roberts


Richie Hines Light Study

I took an online class earlier in this year by Nathan Fowkes at Schoolism. The class’s main focus was on lighting color, and mood, which is what I’ve really been focused on the last few years. For some time, I’ve really wanted to be able to capture an environment and make the scene feel the way the character/person is feeling. Ever since I took the class, I’ve been doing a lot of little lighting studies working off photo references that have the kind of light quality I’m looking for. When I saw this picture of Richie Hines I instantly knew I was going to draw it. The vibe I got from her facial expression was so pleasant, it reminded me of the feeling when you wake up to the warmth of a sun rise, so I went with this soft morning light quality. I’m happy with how it turned out.
Richie is an amazing artist as well as a model. You can check out her work here.

Close up of model Richie Hines laying in bed morning light by danny roberts
Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpretation of old vogue foldout cover with gemma ward on it.


Long Live the Long Sketchbook.

I’m the type of person, that when I come up with an idea I like, I dive in head first whether it’s practical or not. This Sketchbook was one such idea. Once I realized I could make my own sketchbook, of course I made the least practical sketchbook ever. I should have made it a standard size like 8×11 or 11X14. Of course, that never crossed my mind. So coming up with a drawing that would fit the ratio of this sketchbook has been difficult, but when it works, it’s works. It’s in the top two of my favorite sketchbooks. The reference for this drawing was a VOGUE MAGAZINE September 2004 foldout cover. At the time, I was working on my Character Sketchbook, so I was only really interested in drawing Gemma Ward. Haha.

So as I made my way from left to right, I started getting overwhelmed with drawing so many faces. Finally, I realized I didn’t have to draw the faces… thus the blank faces on this piece. It was made with pen and brushed ink. I hope you like it. Just a reminder that I’m not blogging on the weekends, so I will see you Monday! I hope you have a great Friday!

Details Picture Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpretation of old vogue foldout cover with lily donaldson on it.
Danny Roberts Art Pen Sketch of Model Anabela Belikava Figure Sketch.


Anabela Belikava Study Sketch

I did this Sketch of my friend Anabela Belikava earlier this year. I had to report for Jury duty and I wait all day to see if i would be called. Needless to say I had tons of time to sketch. A photo Anabela Belikava caught my eye as i was scrolling thought instagram. The photo has really strong beautiful contour lines(which are my favorite to draw). I was luckily to have packed my Sketchbook and just few hours later this sketch was born. just a simple pen and pencil sketch, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Also I’m working on getting some new originals, Limited Edition, and prints up in the store. Hopefully should have a dozen new pieces up this week. Hope you are having a great day. Thanks to everyone who commented on the last few posts. It means a lot and it’s great hearing from you :)

Details Close up of Stippling Drawing by Danny Roberts Art Pen Sketch of Model Anabela Belikava Figure Sketch.
Artist Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook fashion illustration of uk model Lily Cole number 46


Queen Lily – CSB 46

I always enjoy sharing drawings from my Character Sketchbook. This one in particular might seem familiar. That is because I ended up redrawing it a few years later. You can check it out here :). This drawing of Lily Cole was the 46th drawing in the series back in 2006. For me, this drawing was huge encouragement. My confidence was slowing building throughout the book. When I finished this one, it turned out so different than I had pictured when I started. It’s one of my favorite in the series.

Artist danny Roberts drawing of Japanese French Model 加藤ナナ Nana Kato


Nana Kato Study Sketch

For the last six months, I’ve been working on Character Design for my brother and my fiction book. Also, I’ve  been working on characters for a manga I’m writing called “Lost in the Crowd”.  I’ve never really done character design before starting these two projects, so to compensate for my lack of character design skills, I’ve been filling up sketchbook after sketchbook with face studies trying to see which version feels right for that character and to rule out the ones that don’t.  This study of Nana Kato (katouchan) feels close to the vibe of one of the main characters, Yuki. I will be posting a lot more Yuki study sketches over the next few months. I can’t wait to start illustrating the first volume.  Let me know what you think.  Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

The introduction letter to artist danny roberts Character Sketchbook.
Drawing Number 1 in the Character Sketchbook of Lily Cole by artist Danny Roberts

The Lily and Gemma book

Character Sketchbook 1

We all have to start somewhere. For me, this is where I started. On October 30, 2006, I decided that drawing was something I really wanted to learn how to do. I’ve always loved doodling on paper and coloring growing up. I was never the best artist in the class. Almost 12 years ago to the day, I began drawing Lily Cole and Gemma Ward everyday, since I had the most fun drawing them. All I can say is I’m so glad that I did. I got to experience some incredible things just because I decided not to give up and chose not to get discouraged. Giving up is the easiest thing to do, but like my dad told me my freshman year in high school, “If you give up now, it will be that much easier to give up on the next thing, and the next thing.” There have been so many times where I’ve lost my confidence, or been frustrated with my drawing ability. That combined with the frustrating financial rollercoaster that comes as a result of working as an artist, there have been moments that I have considered giving up… But this journey has been too amazing, and sharing it with you all has been life-changing. Thanks you so much.

p.s. Over the last few weeks, I finally got organized, where I am going to be blogging every weekday, Monday – Friday at 5pm pst. It’s my dream to create an amazing blogging community once again. If you can share with someone you think would love Igor + André, that would be incredible.

RedValentino Spring 2020 Danny Roberts Fashion Illlustration Timelapse Video
0:00 / 0:00


REDValentino – Video

I’ve made a lot of drawing process video’s over the years, and this one of REDValentino collection has to be one of my favorite ones yet. I’m excited for you to see it. The Music you might recognize from the Inspiration Friday post a few months ago. The Song is “Girls” by Masakatsu Takagi on the Album “COIEDA”. It’s hard to describe the feelings you get when listening to Masakatsu Takagi’s music. It has such honesty and feeling. Due to his lack of formal/Classical structure, the music seems like you’re listening to a stream of consciousness in musical form. I first discovered Masakatsu Takagi in my first year of fashion school, when Apple did a feature on him in a 2006 video called ‘Sound of Light‘.

As I speed up the hours and hours of video footage the sparatic nature of how i drew reminded me alof of Masakatsu Takagi’s music. Once i place it in there it was a perfect fit. This Fashion Illustration took 3 days to draw. So the video is speed up roughly 11,000 times faster. It takes you from the light table transfer of my concept sketch till the completion of the peice. In the future i’m planning on document from first concept sketch till completion so you can see all the stages should be interesting. I’m making another video that has the post production part of it. I hope you like it. :)

Artist Danny Roberts Fashion Illustration based on Red Valentino spring 2020 Collection


Red Valentino Spring 2020

What happens when you take REDValentino‘s Spring 2020 collection, as well as old Vogues, and sprinkle some manga in there… Well, I guess this Fashion Illustration is born. I had been working on writing my first manga, “Lost in the Crowd”, when Fashion Week rolled around, so I think they merged a little. This was the first collection of the season that I saw, and I was instantly drawn in by the garments’ silhouettes and the setting. It reminded me of a tucked away little garden. Ever since I was a kid and first saw the movie “The Secret Garden”, the concept of hidden gardens and hidden spaces has fascinated me. I think that is why in every concept sketch I did for this piece, I kept coming back to this garden setting. The illustration was with pen, ink, and water color. It also feature two of my favorite models, Heather Marks & Lisa Cant.

While doing research for “Lost in the Crowd”, I’ve been reading a handful of different mangas. I’ve been blown away and massively inspired by Mangaka’s control of value and tone, which made me lean toward a simplified, almost block print style coloring. Thank you to all who have been following along with my Instagram Story over the 3-4 days. I’m blown away and touched by all your kind DMs and comments. It means a lot to me. Thank you 🙏. I will have a few process/timelapse videos of this piece coming out soon. Just need to start editing them. I’m really happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

I added a limited edition print of this piece called “Secret Garden” to my new store.  Also, added the original to the store; it’s called “Red Garden“.  I’m super excited about both the print and the original. They are really beautiful to see in person :). The prints and the original are Seasonal, which means they will only be publicly available until October 13th. Click the titles to go to the store.

Artist Danny Roberts Fashion Illustration based on Red Valentino spring 2020 Collection Detail Close up on Models Faces
Artist Danny roberts birthday self portrait for his 34th birthday

Self Portrait

34 – Birthday Portrait

Thank you for birthday wishes. You made it a very special one. Years ago, I started a tradition of doing a self portrait on my birthday. This portrait is my favorite one so far. It perfectly captures how I was feeling at the time. This last year was hard but at the same time I’m so excited to take on the next one. I’ve been working on something super special for all you. It’s a way for me to show my appreciation for everything. I should be done with it soon. :)

Close up of Artist Danny roberts birthday self portrait for his 34th birthday
Artist Danny Roberts portrait of a boy sitting oliver appropriate for SayAnything final album art.


Oliver Appropriate – Say Anything

A few months back I had the incredible honor of doing the album cover for Say Anything‘s final album. I’ve been friends with Max Bemis for years, but this was the first time we got to collaborate on a project together. Max is really fun to work with. He has a clear vision for what he wants but gives you tons of freedom to interpret his vision. That’s exactly how I like to work. I’m really happy with the final result. The album’s character, Oliver, is a complicated character dealing with a lot of internal and external conflicts. I wanted him to have a face that draws you in and makes you wonder what he is thinking. I hope you like it. If you want to buy the album or merch, click here I posted the mediums used on this piece below in the “Explore” section.

p.s. Congrats Max on your final Say Anything album, and thank you for letting me be apart of it. ;)

Close up of the boys face from danny roberts album art for SayAnything's oliver appropriate tight details shot of the boys face from danny roberts album art for SayAnything's oliver appropriate