A Sketch book page of Faces by Danny Roberts. ダニー・ロバーツによるFacesのスケッチブックページ。
drawing of a girl wearing glasses by Danny Roberts Character design. ダニー・ロバーツによる眼鏡をかけた少女のキャラクターデザイン


Lost in Sketches.

I decided this year I was going to turn my self filter off, and share my process. I started to notice a really bad habit of only posting final finished pieces. I think the habit started right around when social platforms started, limiting the reach of posts based on interaction, which is one of many reasons I’m starting to slowly leave those platforms. Whatever the cause, I want to share the countless unseen drawings, attempts and failures, that go into every project. This page is my first Sketchbook page when I started working on Character Design for “Lost In the Crowd”.

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Artist Danny Roberts sketch of Yuki Tachibana wearing headphones. アーティストのダニー・ロバーツは、橘ゆきをヘッドフォンでスケッチしています。

When I get working on projects like this, I tend to get what I call “reverse” writer’s block. I get so many ideas, it’s a bit overwhelming. For Lost in the Crowd, it’s a story that I can really relate to, so the ideas keep pouring out. The only way I can deal with reverse writer’s block is doing every idea until my favorite one rises to the surface.

Artist Danny Roberts Sketchbook Portraits study For Manga Character Yuki Tachibana Lost in the Crowd

My favorite part of the process so far is the more I sketch the characters, the more the characters go from these abstract concepts to feeling like old friends. The Study Sketches on this page are super rough mood sketches for the character Yuki Tachibana, and there are two rough sketches of Hachi.

Quick loose Sketchbook Drawing by igor + andre artist Danny Roberts of two girls. 2人の女の子のイゴール+アンドレアーティストダニーロバーツによる素早いスケッチブックの描画

Have you done much writing or character design? I would love to hear about your experiences. Even if you haven’t, I love hearing your thoughts. Let me know which number drawing is your favorite for Yuki. Quick background is She is pop star in her mid 20s. Will tell you more soon. :) Click Here to Comment. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Artist Danny Roberts Coffee and Pencil Daily Gesture Sketches of model Inka Williams


Inka Williams – Study Sketches

I’ve been doing a lot of Character study sketches over the years. This one is of Model Inka Williams of IMG Models. I have so much fun doing these little simple pencil and coffee study sketches. If you haven’t tried it I recommend trying it some time. it’s really relaxing. I hope you all had a fun Halloween last night and have a great weekend, See you on Monday ;)

P.s. It feels so refreshing to be back blogging. Some of the biggest regrets I have is stoping blogging and ever getting started on social media platforms. I slowly have been closing them one by one. My dream is to eventually just be posting here, and no where else :) I’m so grateful to all you out there still reading this blog.

Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpretation of old vogue foldout cover with gemma ward on it.


Long Live the Long Sketchbook.

I’m the type of person, that when I come up with an idea I like, I dive in head first whether it’s practical or not. This Sketchbook was one such idea. Once I realized I could make my own sketchbook, of course I made the least practical sketchbook ever. I should have made it a standard size like 8×11 or 11X14. Of course, that never crossed my mind. So coming up with a drawing that would fit the ratio of this sketchbook has been difficult, but when it works, it’s works. It’s in the top two of my favorite sketchbooks. The reference for this drawing was a VOGUE MAGAZINE September 2004 foldout cover. At the time, I was working on my Character Sketchbook, so I was only really interested in drawing Gemma Ward. Haha.

So as I made my way from left to right, I started getting overwhelmed with drawing so many faces. Finally, I realized I didn’t have to draw the faces… thus the blank faces on this piece. It was made with pen and brushed ink. I hope you like it. Just a reminder that I’m not blogging on the weekends, so I will see you Monday! I hope you have a great Friday!

Details Picture Artist Danny Roberts Reinterpretation of old vogue foldout cover with lily donaldson on it.
Artist Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook fashion illustration of uk model Lily Cole number 46


Queen Lily – CSB 46

I always enjoy sharing drawings from my Character Sketchbook. This one in particular might seem familiar. That is because I ended up redrawing it a few years later. You can check it out here :). This drawing of Lily Cole was the 46th drawing in the series back in 2006. For me, this drawing was huge encouragement. My confidence was slowing building throughout the book. When I finished this one, it turned out so different than I had pictured when I started. It’s one of my favorite in the series.