Artist Danny Roberts Character Sketchbook fashion illustration of uk model Lily Cole number 46


Queen Lily – CSB 46

I always enjoy sharing drawings from my Character Sketchbook. This one in particular might seem familiar. That is because I ended up redrawing it a few years later. You can check it out here :). This drawing of Lily Cole was the 46th drawing in the series back in 2006. For me, this drawing was huge encouragement. My confidence was slowing building throughout the book. When I finished this one, it turned out so different than I had pictured when I started. It’s one of my favorite in the series.

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  1. Mo | Reply

    ❤️ this is a lovely drawing.  It has inspired me to start my own character sketchbook, but with a slightly different twist. I attempt to reproduce drawings I admire,  like Queen Lily… to practice techniques. But I also do my own character sketches as I go along as i am learning and becoming a stronger line artist. Thanks for sharing your work.

    February 19, 2024 at 6:11 pm