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Lucy & the Cupcake

In honor of seeing my friends Max, Sherri, & the Bemis Family tomorrow… this sketch of their daughter Lucy seemed like the right post. Lucy really needs her own comic book. I am starting on a handful of commissions today and will be working on them for the next few weeks. With Christmas quickly approaching, if you are wanting to buy any originals or prints, it’s best to order sooner than later so I have enough time to get them to you. If there is any piece you want that is not in the store, just comment and let me know which one, and I will try to get it up in the store. I hope you are having a great day.

Art Portrait

Miyako 眞鍋 都 (Miiiyaaakooo)

Drawing faces is one of those things that never gets old. I enjoy it so much. Peoples’ faces are so expressive and interesting. It’s such a fascinating subject-matter. Miyako’s portrait was another by-product of stumbling onto a photo that looked too fun to not draw. I couldn’t pass up drawing it. Today I was talking with my friend Katie Rodgers about cutting out those things that affect you negatively, and focusing on activities that lift you and the people around you up. More and more that is something I’ve been trying to do. I’ve been trying to figure out how to spread the hope and joy I have to you all, and encourage you. Well, I hope you are having a great day! ☺️


Dancing Lines

Some images, the moment I see them, I know I will draw them. This one of my friend Stacy King of the amazing band Sucré was one of those images. I loving drawing images from extreme perspective or images with a lot of foreshortening. In the past, I’ve been a bit too intimidated to delve into the deep end of foreshortening and strong perspectives. I finally started playing around with it. Though I still don’t feel comfortable with it, I have really enjoyed working on it.

P.S. Thank you to all new Bloglovin followers! I can’t believe we are approaching 50,000 of you following Igor + André. Please say hi! I would love to get to know you all :)


Curious Life of Yuki

The first chapter of “Lost in the Crowd” is going to be Chapter 0. Taking place 5-10 years before the start of the main story, this chapter follows Yuki, so I’ve been focused on finishing her design. She is a kind, genuine, and a bit curious person. Most of her life has been scheduled out. Life has been work, work, work. She hasn’t had much time off, and desperately needs some. By the time of Chapter 1, she is a very famous pop star. This version of her feels like it is getting close. What do you think?


Lost in Sketches.

I decided this year I was going to turn my self filter off, and share my process. I started to notice a really bad habit of only posting final finished pieces. I think the habit started right around when social platforms started, limiting the reach of posts based on interaction, which is one of many reasons I’m starting to slowly leave those platforms. Whatever the cause, I want to share the countless unseen drawings, attempts and failures, that go into every project. This page is my first Sketchbook page when I started working on Character Design for “Lost In the Crowd”.

** if you are viewing this on Bloglovin, make sure to click through so you can see all the images. ;)

When I get working on projects like this, I tend to get what I call “reverse” writer’s block. I get so many ideas, it’s a bit overwhelming. For Lost in the Crowd, it’s a story that I can really relate to, so the ideas keep pouring out. The only way I can deal with reverse writer’s block is doing every idea until my favorite one rises to the surface.

My favorite part of the process so far is the more I sketch the characters, the more the characters go from these abstract concepts to feeling like old friends. The Study Sketches on this page are super rough mood sketches for the character Yuki Tachibana, and there are two rough sketches of Hachi.

Have you done much writing or character design? I would love to hear about your experiences. Even if you haven’t, I love hearing your thoughts. Let me know which number drawing is your favorite for Yuki. Quick background is She is pop star in her mid 20s. Will tell you more soon. :) Click Here to Comment. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Fairy Tale

Camille’s Midnight Stroll

“Camille has been around longer than anyone alive. One would think that out-living everyone one that you know would be a solemn and sobering experience. Not for her. She has very much enjoyed it. Where she lives, all of the animals adore her. Why wouldn’t they? She is the eternal Queen of the Trees.”

Just a concept for Camille “Queen of the Tree” character design. I she is one of my favorite characters in our up in coming book so designing her has been really fun. She is such a magical and sassy character. I can’t wait for you to read the book.


Inka Williams – Study Sketches

I’ve been doing a lot of Character study sketches over the years. This one is of Model Inka Williams of IMG Models. I have so much fun doing these little simple pencil and coffee study sketches. If you haven’t tried it I recommend trying it some time. it’s really relaxing. I hope you all had a fun Halloween last night and have a great weekend, See you on Monday ;)

P.s. It feels so refreshing to be back blogging. Some of the biggest regrets I have is stoping blogging and ever getting started on social media platforms. I slowly have been closing them one by one. My dream is to eventually just be posting here, and no where else :) I’m so grateful to all you out there still reading this blog.


Lady Gaga + Chadwick Tyler

When coming up with what to post on for Halloween, this photoshoot instantly came to mind. A few years ago, my good friend Chadwick Tyler asked me if I would be one of his assistants on his cover shoot for V Magazine with Lady Gaga & the Cast of American Horror Show. I ended up doing all the post production on the shoot as well, processing the digital files, hand developing all the film, scanning, and retouching everything. It was tons of work, but really a once in a life time experience. Getting digital, 35mm film, and 120 film to all look the same was a super tough task, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. I hope that one day a book of this shoot gets released. There are hundreds of incredible photos in the shoot. I snuck a few quick drawings in there. Happy Halloween!


The Girl & Her Dog

I don’t do many sketches directly from my head without any references. I also don’t do many completely digital drawings. This drawing is the exception. I was doing a lot of charcoal sketches at the time. I ended up making a few photoshop charcoal brushes. I was so excited about the brush, I just started scribbling and slowly, like a photo coming into focus, this soft drawing of a girl on a beach with her dog began to form.
It reminds me of a cool, windy, lazy, overcast day at the beach. I hope you are having a great day!