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Charcoal Drawing by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts of Mona Johannesson Getting ready


A Night on the Town

I’ve been working on improving how I render light and shadow. I desperately want to master dynamic lighting, so I thought charcoal on tone paper would be a good place to start. The reference for this picture is from Swedish model Mona Johannesson‘s Instagram. The picture had beautiful contrast, and i tried my best to capture the feeling I had when i first saw the picture. I really learned alot working this one. I hope you like it :) “

If you want to try out any of the art supplies I used on this piece I have links to the products below 😊

White Charcoal, Strathmore Toned Paper, General’s Charcoal Pencils 4B, Blending Stumps, Vine Charcoal, Kneaded Rubber Eraser, and MONO Zero Pen-Style Eraser

Detail Close up Mona Johannesson Getting ready Charcoal Drawing by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts
Photo by PaoloRoversi for ogueUKjune2009 of Guinevere van Seenus

Inspiration Friday

Roof – Inspiration Friday

I’m so happy to present my first Inspiration Friday post in seven years. I’m going to start back blogging 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday. If you are new to the blog, the way Inspiration Friday works is I pick a song that inspires me, then as I’m listening to the song, I find images that feel fit the vibe of song. This post was inspired by Sucre’s new single “Roof” . I hope you are inspired. Let me know what you think. :)

Images Sources: 1. PaoloRoversi Vogue UK June 2009, 2. I couldn’t find the source if you know it comment below, 3. golden nebula from space I couldnt find the source, 4. A still frame from the movie, Russian Ark by Alexander Sokurov, 5. Untitled by Henry Darger, 6. Araki Nobuyoshi’s “Flower Rondeau (Kakyoku)” 1997, 7. The Reclining Boy Leaning on His Elbow painting originally painted by Egon Schiele, 8. Landscapes by Todd Hido 9. Paradise 26 (Bougainville) by THOMAS STRUTH

A Couple Holding Hands With a flowerA Space golde nnebulaBeautiful Still Frame from the Movie the russian ArcUntitled-by-Henry-DargerAraki Nobuyoshi Flower Rondeau Kakyoku 1997The Reclining Boy Leaning on His Elbow painting originally painted by Egon SchieleTodd Hido landscapesTHOMAS STRUTH Paradise 26 Bougainville
A beautiful girl's Reclinging on a couch full body in dress Art by Fashion Ilustrator Danny Roberts


Sleeping Beauty

I did this drawing a few months ago, when I working alot in charcoal. The Drawing is pencil, Charcoal, and white Charcoal on toned paper. The dress is inspired by a christian lacroix dress from his spring 2004 Collection. The picture turned out alot better than I could have hoped. I’m Still learning how to use charcoal, so you will be seeing alot more charcoal drawings in the near future. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts :-)

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A close up of beautiful girl Laying on a couch Art by Fashion Ilustrator Danny Roberts A close up of beautiful girl's body Laying on a couch Art by Fashion Ilustrator Danny Roberts
igor and andre artist Danny Roberts Loose beauty sketch of model ANABELA BELIKAVA.


Anabela Belikava Sketch

Just a simple sketch of my friend Anabela Belikava. I’ve been trying to improve in the area of drawing light and form so i’ve been doing a lot of little study sketches like this. It’s one of many sketches I did for last months Patreon rewards. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It was done with pencil and some digital color.

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Artist Danny Roberts Valentines Falling in Love it happened one night. girl holding guys jacket love.

Valentines day

Falling in Love

I meant to have this illustration done for Valentine’s day, but two years in a row my Valentine’s concept came to me on Valentines day. The main inspiration for this piece came from the 1934 film “It Happened One Night” by one of my all time favorite directors Frank Capra. The movie is one of my family’s favorites. I really wanted to capture that moment when a person realizes that they are falling in love. I had a really clear picture in my head of what I was going for. It ended up taking me 4-6 redraws till I felt like I captured that feeling. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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Valentines Falling in Love it Limited edition 15 by 15 fine art print by Artist Danny Roberts .Close up Artist Danny Roberts Valentines Falling in Love it happened one night. Clark GableClose up Artist Danny Roberts Valentines Falling in Love it happened one night. Girl Sleeping
Art by danny roberts of Christian Dior Spring 2019 Couture Collection Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Dior’s Circus Couture

When I saw that Christian Dior‘s Spring 2019 Couture collection was circus themed I couldn’t pass up drawing it. The drawing is Pencil and Pastel, and colored digitally. The inspiration came from vintage circus posters. I hope you enjoy the illustration.

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Finished Drawing by Danny roberts of model Katiusha Feofanova Vogue Cover for speed drawing video
0:00 / 0:00


Katiusha Feofanova – Art in Motion

It took me a few days to drawing and film this timelapse video. So I had to speed the video up 7000 times faster. If only I could draw that fast…. The drawing is of model Katiusha Feofanova’s Vogue Cover. This Video was released early last month on monthly Patreon. Also I’m giving the original artwork from these videos away to one of my patrons(the Scholar tier). If you want to support my work and be eliable to win sign up here. :) For those who have helped support me on Patreon over the last few months, I am forever grateful. Thank you! 🙏

✨ Music ✨
The music is from a beautiful Anime Movie, ‘Your Name’ (君の名は。). The song is called Date (デート).