black and white Portrait of the beautiful Lauren Bacall Close up for igor and andre Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday

The Wind Swept Dream of Lauren Bacall

Photos by Lina scheynius, Barbara Cole, & Alfred Hitchcock

Happy Inspiration Friday!
Yay, we made it!
This a Long and Fast week…I know it doesn’t make sense…
but it has been! hahah
I’ve been multi-tasking a lot this week which kind of gets me disorientated,
but i think i should have a good relaxing day of painting today.
Today’s inspiration Friday set, i really like the mood and the aesthetics of it.
Plus i got to put one of my favorite actresses Lauren Bacall in it,
and got to put a still from one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 steps ”
I hope have a great Inspiration Friday!
Welp, i hope you all have a great weekend!

Black and white Inspiration Friday Sepia photo of Legendary ground breaking 1800 dancer Loie Fuller photo was taken in 1902Inspiration Friday Black and white graphical looking photo texture from swedish photographer Lina scheynius photo diary Sepia black and white photo of a water reflection called melting the sky by inspiration friday favorite Barbara ColeThe black and white poster of a Distorted dream room for the movie the 39 steps by Alfred Hitchcock for Inspiration Friday
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