Sean Cimino sitting wrapped in a towel with sunglasses on picture by danny roberts

Friends Road Trip

Sean Cimino – Trip part 1

So do you remember back like a week before last Fashion Week i went on a quick vacation with my best friends? And i said that we try to take a trip like that every year? Well i have tons of picture from it that I’ve been meaning to post, so i’m finally getting around to it. I thought since i mentioned that my friend Sean is in a band called “Foster the People” in the last post, i should post some pictures of him first. But there are way more coming soon! :) The Week was a blast, such quality time. Hope you like the pics ;)

Foster the people Guitar player and singer Sean Cimino playing a custom guitar photo by Danny RobertsDanny Roberts Portrait of Sean Cimino Face with his eyes closedDanny Roberts and Sean Cimino playing soccer on the beach
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