inspiration friday photo by turn of the century photographer nater

Inspiration Friday

“Time Passes but My Memories Remain”

Hello, my friends! How are you doing? Well i’m sure glad it’s inspiration Friday today! Also, for those wondering what i’m doing in Texas… Well, my friends Weston & Jessie, and Chantelle & Todd are getting married tomorrow! How awesome is that? It’s a double wedding :) I’m really excited for it. Since it’s been awhile since i had been out here in Tyler, TX, it’s been bringing back tons of fun memories of the place. So, I thought for this Inspiration Friday, i would have a very contemplative / reminiscing feeling post. I hope you like it. photos by Barbara Cole, Nader, Lina scheynius, Man Ray, and a few that i don’t know who did them.

inspiration friday  picture from photographer barbara coleinspiration friday by man ray of a woman and her shadowinspiration friday  photo of vintage 1800 glass paintinginspiration friday  moody blue dark skyerie inspiration friday by photographer Lina scheynius
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