Igor and andre inspiration Friday Post of beautiful Russian Img Model Sasha Pivovarova looking cute red flower in hair hand in mouth yellow cardigan and blue eyes.

Inspiration Friday

Between Memories & Mysteries

(Photos by Norman Parkinson, Camilla Akrans, Snorpy, and Lev Efimov, and maya tetter.)

Happy Harry Potter Day!
Well if you were wondering… yes I am a big Harry Potter nerd!
and yes i’m excited about the movie! :)
hahaha Also really excited cause my good friends from Texas, Eisley & Christie Dupree are coming into town today!
So it’s pretty much a double whammy today! ha
How has your week been?
Mine was alright, it’s just been a whirlwind for the last two years.
Which has been amazing, but also so so so exhausting.
I’m about ready to slow things down, and get back to Learning & Experimenting…
Which I’m pretty sure i get to start doing Monday.
I basically have a whole long list of things i want to try and learn how to do…
But i think the #1 thing on my list to learn is how to sculpt!
Seriously have always wanted to do that but never have got to.
Do any of you have anythings you would like to see me learn?
Also I really hope you like today’s selection of images for Inspiration Friday.
I’ve been really liking grouping Camilla Akrans & Norman Parkinson’s work together.
Not sure why, but it really works well together.

I hope you like this post and i truly hope you have a great weekend :)

Black and white photo camilla akrans of model Anja Rubik looking through foggy glass numero 113 and a blur picture of a bunch of white dogs by norman parkinson
Black and White 1920s portrait of An amazing Cute little boy with Cap photo from Snorpy image archive for Inspiration FridayInspiration Friday Picture by Norman Parkinson of a girl jumping with birds flying all around and and a Dark black and white photo by Photographer lev efimov of a girl leaning and Looking backCute photo by camilla akransa girl sitting profile in a bright pink dress and a photo of a adorable gil in a one piece bathing suit with a bright pink bow on
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