Norman Parkinson Photo of a woman with a 1900 hat and the profile of a man in the forest with earth tones for inspiration friday

Inspiration Friday

Journey to the End of the Past

(Photos by Norman Parkinson, Camilla Akrans, Snorpy, and 2 of them not sure who took them.)

Happy Inspiration Friday!
How are you doing?
How was your week?
It’s heating up a little bit after this cold summer,
which means my studio is painfully hot!
But besides that, it’s all good.

Wow i can’t believe it’s November already.
Been working non-stop for the last 3 months.
I’m just finishing up a few projects right now
And should have a little over 10 Paintings to show you next week.
Really excited about them, can’t wait for you too see them.

I hope you like the collection of images today! :)

Camilla Akrans Black and white Portrait of Next Models Anja Rubik staring into the camera while in bath tubSepia Photo of 1800 of a man in an old hot air ballon and an old castle for Danny Roberts Inspiration Friday postShorpy Historic Photo Archive image of a bunch of 1020s great depression dirty & tough looking boys in Igor and andre Inspiration Friday Black and White Portrait of New York DNA model Ali Michael Profile next to Norman Parkinson 1950 vintage photo of a lady holding a dog
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