painting by old Pre-Raphaelite painter Sir Frank Dicksee of a girl sitting on a throne the Mirror

Inspiration Friday

The Warmth of the Past in the Shadow of Tomorrow

Sources: Edmund Blair Leighton, Snorpy, Camilla Akrans

Happy Inspiration Friday!
Wow, long week for me… How about you? Have had 3 deadlines over the last 2 weeks, and I have been sick since Monday night…. haha So made for some interesting experiences. Think this is one of my first times “Sick Painting” haha but all the paintings actually turned out really cool and different. I think i will be able to post them next week! So excited about that. :)

Hm… What else…
Oh yes! Yeah, so been working alot on a couple projects that have been in the works for years! so sorry i can’t talk about it more, but i can’t wait to tell you all about it. Hopefully they are going to turn out really amazing! but i will keep you posted on it :) I truly hope you are having an amazing day!

 the accolade painting of a queen knighting a young man by edmund blair leighton in 1901 & and a girl covered in freckles from the 1920s great depression for igor and andre inspiration friday    Photographer Camilla Akrans of a Japanese model Tao Okamoto on a swing and and 1940s picture of a women in hounds tooth by Norman Parkinson old 1920s great depression photo of a bunch of a group rugrat hooligan tough kids
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