Inspiration Friday Polina Kouklina 10 Magazine summer 2004

Inspiration Friday

The Past Seems much Brighter

(1. Polina Kouklina 10 Magazine summer 2004 2. Barbara Cole 3. Not sure found on tumblr 4.George Henry Seeley 5. Philip Govedare)

Hey, Friends!
Happy Inspiration Friday!
Been working hard on a pretty cool project that I can’t talk about yet, but will be able too soon enough. Right now it’s raining out side, and a cool breeze is drifting in the room and it feels amazing. Some of my favorite weather. While preparing this week’s Inspiration Friday post, I discovered an amazing landscape painter named Philip Govedare. Check him out! He’s really incredible. Well, I hope you have an inspired day! :) p.s. Did you like the first Dave’s Pick?

Beautiful Inspiration Friday photo by underwater photographer Barbara Cole of girl walking.  Beautiful Picture of an blue eye of a girl for the Inspiration FridayOld Inspiration Friday image by George Henry Seeley of ghostly picture of of a girl. Inspiration Friday Image by Philip Govedare of beautiful landscape painting bright and colorful
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