Danny Roberts painting of Arizona Muse from Next Model Management for models dot com Fresh Face top newcomers spring 2011


Arizona Muse – Top Newcomers Spring 2011

Well hello, my friends! How was your weekend? Mine was amazing. It was like the first weekend where I wasn’t working through it in like 12 weeks! yep yep… so the Top Model Newcomer of the day is Arizona Muse! She was really fun to paint. She has a real wholesome familiar look to her. She actually reminds me a lot of a childhood friend of mine, which I think made it easy to paint her. So when i was tasked with painting each of the Top Newcomers of Spring 2011 for models.com, I went on a searching spree for references of Arizona. For some reason, this one runway photo of her really stood out to me. I think my favorite thing about this picture of her is the confidence/determined expression on her face. I really hope you like it :)

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