Artist Danny Roberts Black and white Profile portrait painting of Fashion Model Julia Saner for models dot coms Top Newcomers Spring 2011 Series


Julia Saner Top Newcomers Spring 2011

Hello Hello! Good morning and afternoon to some of you out there! ;) How is your day going? Today’s painting i think is my favorite out of the Top Newcomers Spring 2011 Series i did for It’s of a Julia Saner, who was the winner of Elite Model Look Switzerland 2009. Julia has a great wholesome look. When i was looking through pictures of her, there was this one profile photo of her that really inspired me. There was something so pensive about her expression it made me instantly know that was what i was going to paint. All and all I really like how it turned out. What about you? Whatcha think? Well i hope you all are having a great day! :)

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