The Black Brunswicker

Inspiration Friday

Strangers from the North

Happy Inspiration Friday!
Is it just me or has this week flown by?
My Inspiration Friday prompt was “What if you were kidnapped to a royal city in the north in a different world?
What would it look and feel like?”
Hahah random i know but this was what i came up with The Photos & Painting are from John Everett Millais, Norman Parkinson, Sarah Moon, Snorpy, and I am not sure who took the picture of Vlada Roslyakova
I really hope it inspires you and hope you’re having a great day!

An old looking photo of red head Russian Supermodel vlada roslyakova holding an ornate mirrorm also a black and white picture of statues by photographer Norman Parkinson Inspiration FridayTwo Haunting Photographs for inspiration friday post. First Black and white by Norman Parkinson of a lady surrounded by concrete pillars, and the other is by Sarah Moon of a girl running away with football type pad.Close up of an old 1920s building from the image archive site snorpy for igor and andre inspiration fridayInspiration Friday post of Photo of a close up of a crow yellow peek and yellow stripe and brown eyes by photographer sara moon
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