Two Black and White Inspiraltion Photographs by Hungarian Photographer Brassaï or Gyula Halász. The first Picture is of aerial picture of City roof tops of old building. The Second Picture is of dark wall with a heart and toi and Moi carved in the material

Inspiration Friday

The Death of Lewis Peska

Hey Friends i back!
Sorry for the delay!
This last weekends, Friend-cation (that is friend vacation haha) was so good and so needed.
I will fill you in on it in the next few days :)
But Now this week is going to be one crazy one!
Trying to get organized before my brother and i leave for NYFW.
i had prepared this Inspiration friday for you but didn’t have time to post it,
so here it is! :)
I wrote a little bit in the images titles, so the pictures kinda tell a story.
i hope you like it!
As I got so much to tell you!
Just need to get some work done today and then i should have some really fun News for yea!
Hope yawl are having a wonderful day!
– D

P.S. Images are by Brassai, Lina scheynius, John Loengard. The Last Picture and the kissing picture not sure who took thoses pictures?

Black and white Photo of Closeup of Hungarian Photographer Brassaï or Gyula Halász making a circle out of his thumb and index finger and holding it up to his eye. The photo was taking by New York Based Photographer John LoengardTwo Black and White For Inspiraltion Friday. One is a close up of a couple in love kissing and mouths coming together. The second Photo is from Brassaï of man laying with is mouth open as though he was dead.swedish Photographer Lina Scheynius Diary Photo of Red Hotel room CurtainsPhoto of a lake at sunrise in a forest with the Dark silhouette of trees
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