Artist Danny Roberts Photo of a girl Peeking between a white and Red Sheet held together by a close pins. Picture is from Rachel Antonoff spring 2011 Collection.

Fashion Week

Rachel Antonoff Spring 2011

Yes! Friends! Finally Have a Quick Post for you! Sorry there hasn’t been a post for a few days, things have been crazy but extremely fun. Since I’m only half way through this NYFW Journey, I have to make this kinda quick cause we are off to couple shows this afternoon. But don’t worry I will give you a detailed account of everything when i things slow down a little. I thought i would post a few pictures I took from Rachel Antonoff‘s Incredible Spring 2011 Presentation. I Seriously can’t wait to Post all the picture i took at it and I can’t wait to do some paintings from it! I really Hope you like! and i can’t wait to tell you everything :)

Major Management Model Amanda Jules Laying on Bed with her hand on a wiji Board looking up to the right In a little Girl Arrow Print Dress in Rachel Antonoff Spring 2011 Collection Image By Photographer and fashion artist Danny Roberts.Photo of a Smiling Taisiya Taya Popova of Elite Models At Rachel Antonoff Presentation Spring 2011 at NYFW portrait by Artist Danny RobertsArtist Danny Roberts Photo of Aurelia Schwarz of Elite Models Laying on Her Back Looking up At Rachel Antonoff Presentation Spring 2011igor and andre Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of Major Management model Ekatarina Sokolova profile brightest blue eyes At Rachel Antonoff Presentation Spring 2011Olivia Zimmerman of Elite Models Back Turn Left Arm out Grabbing a marker to draw on  the pinned up sheet front for At Rachel Antonoff little Girl Slumber party Presentation Spring 2011 image by Fashion Photographer Danny Roberts
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