Artist Danny Roberts New york Fashion Week painting Fashion Week Daily Cover Spring 2011

Fashion Week

I’m back! Sorry for the delay!

Hey Friends! I’m back! Sorry about the couple weeks absence from blogging. I got back from Fashion Week and it was non-stop picture sorting, and then my really good friend Tim Brooks A.K.A Tim Frost (the guy who wrote the song for the Forever 21 Alice Painting Video) flew in from Texas. We hung out all week and wrote songs, trying to finish up an album. We are almost there…. ;) And i have so so so so many pictures and videos from my trip that i can’t wait to show you! It is coming soon, don’t worry! The Painting today is based off of a sketch i did in a Starbucks during FW of the Fashion Week Daily cover. I like how the overall mood of the painting turned out. It has this warm contemplative feel to it… Well, i really hope you like it! and i can’t wait to get all the paintings, photos, and videos up! Hope you’re having a great day!

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