Danny Roberts Painting of Trump Model Rashelle Osbourne in Andy & Debb Collection at Sping 2011 Ney York Fashion. The painting was for Sundance Channels Full frontal Fashion.

Fashion Collections

Andy + Debb Spring 2011

Good Morning! Well my painting today is the second one i did for Sundance Channel’s Full frontal Fashion, and it’s from Andy & Debb Spring 2011 from NYFW. This was a Show I was Fortunate enough to get to take pictures back stage and during the show (which i will post soon i promise :) And the Lovely Girl wearing the dress is a girl named Rashelle Osbourne of Trump Models. She really stood out to me at the show, and seemed really nice and had a great smile. All and all i really loved the collection the cuts were great and the color pallet of the show was perfect. It was up there as one of the best shows I attended this last Fashion Week. Welp, off to paint some more! I hope you like the painting :) P.S. Sorry for lack of comments back and posts lately I’ve been buried with work, but I’m hoping to slowing things down so I can have more time to respond back and all. Just wanted to let yawl know i Read everything and i really appreciate all your kind words :)

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