This is an old Fashion illustration by Danny Roberts of lily cole in Olive des Olive ad


Olive des Olive

Hey friends, Well, it was a late night last night. Went to Nike’s screening of Bjork’s tour DVD in LA last night. It was really fun. Bjork is incredible. What she can do live never ceases to amazing me. But needless to say, i’m pretty tired from last night. Need to refill my coffee cup and get rolling on some projects… The painting today is an old water color, spray paint, and pen picture i did back in the day. I think i did this in my fashion illustration 2 class of model lily cole. haha I just stumbled on to it and thought it would be fun to post. It’s always funny seeing my old work. haha :) Well, i hope you all are doing greeeeeaaaat!

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  1. Emily | Reply

    i knew i had seeen this before! – you posted it on the 7 of October 2008 (I’m sorry if it seems obsessive but i had to prove to myself i wasn’t wrong) and i still love it!

    June 28, 2009 at 12:43 pm