Inspiration friday picture of a Close up of an old 1937 pink and tan map of paris

Inspiration Friday

Marie & the Peach Rose

Hey Friends!
Happy inspiration Friday! We finally made it through another week! … A freezing week, i might add. This week’s inspiration Friday vibe is a sort of Romantic journey, where time seems to stand still as you’re walking in and out of universes playing hide and seek! I hope it inspires you today ;)

On a different note, I decided to continue painting the 4′ by 3′ oil painting i’m working on all on Ustream. So i will try to each week paint the different layers for you. But i saw a lot of you had trouble because of the time difference watching it. Is there a good time for me to do the next one? I’m thinking of doing it this coming up Monday (December 12), at either 10am or 2pm PST and i would paint for 3 or 4 hours.

(Images by Pierre Joseph Redoute. The rest of the images i don’t know who did them but if you do i would love to know! :)

Inspiration friday painting is by 1700-1800 artist Pierre Joseph Redoute of pink roses with black backgroundThis Inspiration friday painting is a girl model leaning forward on to her hand and looking into the camera with two pony tails and a knit sweater with a flower wallpaper.This photo is of Firry orange grass in forest with white trees and black knots on the trees in Aspen Colorado, for Inspiration friday
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