The artwork here is a oil Painting of New York Shoe Design Lowe Stellberger. Wells is a designer for Marc Jacobs and now has his own shoe line called Heutchy


The Man Behind Heutchy.

Howdy Folks, it’s Friday! Woot, woot! So, so, so glad. Been working a lot. Been dying to get painting again. But on kinda a sad note…. i think my studio is offically full! Like the Thom Yorke Painting is sitting on top of a chair. Marie Claire cover is leaning a against the six foot layered picture…. hm… i guess i have one of two options; first, maybe i can start doing Gallery shows so it frees up more room to make more art to hang in here….. or two, i can try to figure out how to hang art on the celling… haha, but need to figure something out soon. The painting i posted today is of one of my best friends brother-in-law Lowe Stellberger. He has his own Brilliant Shoe Line called Heutchy, which i was lucky enough to get to design a fabric for his Spring 09 Collection (which is coming soon). Oh and the painting was my second oil painting. i hope you like it. :) P.S. i got the funniest fortune cookie yesterday. It said “3 months to this day, something great will happen to you”. I’m hoping it comes true… So folks, mark the calander, April 15, 2009. It’s going to be a good day! hahahha

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  1. yea, this one pretty awesome. I love oil paintings because theres so much texture to it!
    I was gonna ask if you could do a portrait of Lucy.
    And how much it would cost and all that…
    Ill prolly ask you when I see you next.

    January 16, 2009 at 10:28 pm