Fashion Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of Premier Model Management Redhead New Face Claudia Devlin


Claudia Devlin

Hi everyone! Thanks so much to everyone who tuned in yesterday to watch the live stream of me painting! It was really fun for me to share that with you and I hope you all enjoyed it. :) If you missed it, I’m thinking of continuing to stream the progress of that painting as I go along with it. It sounded like some of you weren’t able to view it because of the time of day. Any suggestions on when I stream the next bit? Just let me know. So the drawing today is of Claudia Devlin. I first saw a picture of her on Tumblr and really loved it! This painting drawing is inspired by a picture of her I found on Premier Model Management’s website. When I first found it I really thought she had a great look and thought I would do a quick sketch of it. I hope you like it! :)

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