Beautiful inspiration friday photo of Pretty Russian Model Sasha Pivovarova blue eyes the picture is by Photographer Olaf Wipperfürth

Inspiration Friday

Living in a Glass of Water

Happy Inspiration Friday! The Theme for this week is Living in a Glass of Water.I know it’s kinda a strange theme,
But this week Dave (my brother) and i were talking about how, when we used to have to make weight (for Wrestling tournaments), when we would go swimming, it would feel like we were swimming in a cold glass of water! hahah i know, i know, kinda strange but it’s what inspired this theme! haha Well i hope you like it :)

P.S. The oil painting is shaping up, finished the underpainting and first glaze coat. and going to work more on it today :)

Photos by Olaf Wipperfürth, jimmy backius, and not sure what the 3rd image is from.

a Pretty black and white photo of a girl looking up through leaves picture by photographer jimmy backius Two inspiration friday Pictures that are tinted blue one is of two lovers head to head, the other is of tree branchesA Black and white photo of a girls head coming out of the water as she is swimming looking into the camera inspiration friday picture by jimmy backius
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