Multi-Artist Danny Roberts paints Julia Frakes holding a dear in a mui mui collection for the Woodstock Animal Sanctuary


Save a Deer By Helping a Bunny

Hello, hello my friends! Well, just finished working and about to head down to Pasadena to see the lovely Audrey Tautou preform in “Coco Chanel” with Fashion is Poison and alot of other bloggers. Should be really fun! I’m really excited! Today’s drawing of my friend, the beautiful, kind, and lovely Julia Frakes of the blog Bunny Bisous. She asked me if I would do a painting for her for a benefit for animals that she is working with. When i thought about painting Julia, with an animal, and for a good cause… I said yes instantly! I have a Video of the painting that is coming soon… i think it’s the best one yet! ;) As for info on the benefit, i thought i would quote Julia on it. :)

"While I cannot reveal too many details quite yet, one of my pet holiday projects is an upcoming benefit that I am co-chairing with designer Rachel Antonoff to raise awareness about animal cruelty as manifested on two fronts: barbaric factory farms (with funds proffered to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary) and merciless puppy mills (to benefit Maddie's Fund). Scheduled to betide in a magnificent historical Manhattan haunt this mid-December, a killer hosting committee will preside over a silent art auction featuring works created especially in a forest and fauna theme [including the original painting above] by the likes of Kime Buzzelli and Danny Roberts alongside special musical performances by fun., Steel Train, and other sublime surprise guests. " - Julia Frakes

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