Artist Danny Roberts mix media portrait of next modeling agency Rasa Zukauskaite lithuanian model

Models Portrait

Rasa Zukauskaite

Well, i finished the mixed Media painting i was working on with enough time to post it today! Mission accomplished ;)
So, the picture today is of the lovely Rasa Zukauskaite. I posted the rough draft sketch of the picture a few posts back and finally finished it this afternoon. It was one of those pictures that i had a vision of how i wanted it to turn out, and when i was 80% done with it, i decided to take it in a different direction. I’m really glad i did. The reference picture i got from Rasa’s Flickr page (do check her Flickr page out) and I think it was a self portrait she had done. The mediums used were pencil, water color, color pencil, and pen. I’m planning on putting up a stop motion video of making this portrait tomorrow. I hope you like it.

Book Question of the Day: If you had a pet eagle, what would you name it?

P.s. Thanks for all the great wolf names. We loved reading through them.

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