A Painting of Marchesa Fall 2010 collection by Danny Roberts for Sundance Channel Full Fontal Fashion

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Marchesa – Fall 2010

Hey Friends, Wow, this week is going by so fast. I’m currently watching “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”! It’s a movie from the 30’s with one of my favorite old actresses, Jean Arthur. I love Jean Arthur! She makes me want to invent a time machine. ;) The Painting today is the 4th picture i did for for Sundance Channel’s Full Frontial Fashion. The Dress is from Marchesa Fall 2010 collection. This Collection was amazing! If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out! It’s so good. Well, i hope you all are doing great. Thanks again for all your kind words on the last post, it really means alot! :) P.S. i randomly just started a formspring site… ok i know, i will probably only last a day on there… So feel free to ask away. But the only thing is, i kind of just want to have fun with it so the most goofy random questions the better! haah http://www.formspring.me/DannyJRoberts

Fashion Artist Danny Roberts of a girl in Proenza Schoulder Fall 2010 Collection dress for Sundance Channel Full Fontal Fashion

Fashion Collections

Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 Collection

Hey Friends, i have to make this post quick cause I’m suppose leave right now to see one of my favorite bands, Kashmir! I saw them last night but i’m off to see them again tonight! :) They play at the Silver Lake Lounge, so come if you want! It’s going to be great! They’re brilliant. The Painting today is my third picture i did for Sundance Channel’s Full Frontial Fashion, and it’s of Proenza Schouler Fall 2010 collection. I really liked it alot. It reminded me a little bit of a few different Alexander Mcqueen Collections. But i hope you like it! :)

Artist Danny Roberts Fashion Illustration of Jason Wu spring 2010 collection

Fashion Collections

The Ladies of Jason Wu

Well, I thought i would post another drawing for you. A little while back, when my brother and I were in New York for Fashion Week, we ran into my friend, Elana Fishman. Elana was formerly working for Teen Vogue & formerly was Miss Julia Frakes roommate. But anyways, when i got talking with her, she told me about her new amzing job working for Jason Wu! When i saw Jason’s amazing Collection, i asked her if she could send me some pictures of the collection, because i really wanted to draw it. She was kind enough to send me some, and this is the first of what i’m sure will be many Jason Wu drawings. SO, i hope you like it! ;) Hope your having an amazing night! P.S. Anyone have something fun planned for Thanksgiving?

Painting of a girl on her knees in Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2010, this fashion illustration is by artist danny roberts for Sundance Channel Full Fontal Fashion coverage of Paris Fashion Week

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The Pilgrimage of Yves Saint Laurent

Alrighty, last but definitely not least, in my painted journey through Paris Fashion Week, we come to Yves Saint Laurent! Ok, so i’ve seen a lot of shoulder pads, but i have to say, these were surprisingly awesome! They are really fun looking! Since we in the US are closing in on Thanksgiving, I thought this painting was quite fitting, cause the shoulders kind of reminded me of the collars of the Pilgrims! haha Well, i hope you’re having a great week. I hope you liked my series for Sundance Channel. If you haven’t checked out their fashion site, “Full Fontal Fashion” please do. The site’s content is amazing! How’s your week going?

Danny Roberts Fashion Art of Christian Dior for Sundance Channel Full Fontal Fashion spring 2010

Fashion Collections

Happy Christian Dior Monday

Good morning, my friends!! Shoot, this was a really fun weekend, and now, on this Monday morning, My friends from the Band Eisley were in town this weekend, which made for a great time. They were touring with the band “Say Anything”. Saturday night, they performed at the House of Blues in San Diego, and while we were in San Diego, we ended up meeting up with Rumi (Fashiontoast) & her boy friend Colin for dinner. Last time my brother and I had hung out with them was in New York for Fashion Week. Later that night, the whole Eisley crew came back to my house to crash. Then yesterday, we were off to The Troubadour in Hollywood for their last concert of the tour. It was really a good time catching up. Forgive me for my posting absence last night! This is why there wasn’t one… So i thought… why not make this morning a Merry Christian Dior Monday Morning! :) This is painting 1 out of the 5 paintings of Paris Fashion Week i did for Sundance Channel‘s Full Fontal Fashion. I hope you like it! and i hope your Monday is a good one…

Danny Roberts Painting of the Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 collection

Fashion Collections

Oh Yea… Did Yawl See McQueen?

i was completely touched by all your warm and encouraging comments on the last post! So, did yawl see the Alexander McQueen Show?? How insane was that!? In my life, I want to… A) Attend an Alexander McQueen show B) Collaborate with him on a project! Basically, i was blown away by this collection! So, when picking out which collections to paint for Paris Fashion Week coverage for Sundance Channel, i had to paint something from this collection. I really like how it turned out and crazy enough, a week after i finished this piece, Bryan Boy twitted a link to a picture of a beautiful girl named Camilla Belle. Oh, and guess which dress she was sporting??? Yep, this one! It was fun seeing her wearing it. I hope you like it! Oh, also, my friends have been trying to get me on Facebook for a while… and i always fought it, and my friend Ryan has been fighting getting a Twitter account, and yesterday, he got a twitter account

Danny Roberts Drawing of a Model In valentino dress Spring 2010 Dress from Paris Fashion week for sundance chanel

Fashion Collections

Red Lips + Valentino Dress

Well, my friends, I’m so so glad you like my new girl!! Really means alot! ;) How was your day today? So, kinda funny story today… I got the random idea of auditioning for the 4th Twilight movie, cause i heard they were going on, and i thought it would be a fun experience. Plus, i’ve been kicking around the idea of doing a little acting… Anyways, i found the site to sign up for the audition, filled out all the info, even uploaded a “headshot” (which was hilarious! haha) and when i finished, it said that auditions ended about 2 weeks ago!! haha i was like, what! come on! haha! oh well… So, I picked the painting today in honor of that story, cause when i was researching the audition, i stumbled on to the “New Moon” Premiere… and was pleasantly surprised that Dakota Fanning was wearing the incredible black lace Valentino Dress that i had painted for Sundance Chanel’sFull Frontal Fashion” as part of the Paris Fashion week coverage. The dress was by far my pick for favorite/Best Dress of this season. It’s just beautiful and eloquent! I really liked how the painting turned out :) The render of the dress at that angle was actually pretty hard for me to draw! It took way longer than i planned. i hope you like it.