Danny Roberts Fashion Illustration of Chanel s 2010 Resort Collection

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Chanel Resort Collection 2010

Well, Hello friends, How are you all doing? Well, today is Memorial Day holiday here in the US, and so far it’s been an amazing, relaxing day. The weather is so great right now. I did this quick sketch last night, when i stumbled on to the 2010 Chanel Resort collection! Wow, it is so so so amazing! It’s like straight out a story book. Well, after looking it over a few times, i drew this picture. The outfit is from that collection. i didn’t have the time to do any drawing that’s too elaborate, so it’s pretty simple… i hope you like it! :)

Art Painting by Danny Roberts of Gemma Ward walking the runway of a chloe Fashion Show

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Runway Zombie Day

Hello my Friends, how are you doing today? I’m currently living as a Zombie! Wait a sec, that might be an oxymoron… i guess Zombies can’t be living…. i guess I’m currently existing as a Zombie… haha Well, last night, my really good friends flew in and we picked them up at 1am at LAX, and by the time we were settled down to sleep, it was far too late. So basically, today I’m running on way too much coffee! ahhaah The painting today is one from way way, way back. It’s just a basic water color and pen painting i did back when i was in school. It is of Gemma Ward walking on Chloe’s Spring 2007 runway Show. I have to say, this was my favorite collection Chloé has put together. It has such simple and complementary style. I hope you like the painting, and how’s your Friday going??? ;)

Danny Roberts Alexander Mcqueen Layered Fashion illustration Art

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Return of the Mcqueen

Happy Tuesday Folks! Wow, i’m tired! Spent the last 6 hours rendering a hounds tooth dress… needless to say, my eyes are numb and hands tired! But on another note, took a new set of pictures of my Alexander McQueen layered art piece. The only thing is, i’m not done going through the images yet, so i will post the rest of them tomorrow, ok? The image above is just one close up of it. i have to say, it might be my all time favorite thing i have made. i think it’s cause it’s the one that has taken me the longest to make. i think it was something like 5 weeks to make, but yes, i will post more tomorrow! Hope you all are doing wonderful :)

Danny Roberts Drawing of Girls laying down in Christian Dior

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Laying Down in Dior

Wow! Today made my head hurt so bad! Made a lot of changes to the site. Still not done working out all the bugs, but i hope you all like it. Today is my Brother’s Birthday! My mom made the world’s Best Brownies! Well i’m really tired, but i hope you all are doing great! :)

This is a new painting that Artist Danny roberts did for raracurio

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Done. Done. Done.

I’m DONE! Wow, that took longer than i thought it would. Let me first say that this is just a crappy snap shot. i’ll post it again when it’s scanned, and it will look 10,000 times better, i hope. haha But yes, i’m done! It’s Saturday! which means i can collect my thoughts, breath in, relax, and plan out this next week! Hope you all are doing great.

This is a Water colour Danny Roberts did of a roberto Cavalli Collection

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Mr. Cavalli

Happy friday to all! wow today was a long one. i go in and work a couple days a week at a software company, cause I’m what you call a starving artist. never understood the term till i became one. but anyways that’s where i was the last todays, and that is also why my posts have been so small, sorry to all. but This picture is a a water color i did a while ago back when i was in school. it’s from a Roberto Cavalli show. hope you like it. have a great night.

Artist Danny Roberts Fashion illustration of the ladies of chanel girls in glasses spring 2007

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The Girls In Glasses

Well hello friends!
I thought i would post on of my favorite mix media Fashion illustrations i’ve done. it’s called “Girls In Glasses” and it’s inspired by Chanel Spring RTW 2007 collection. As the models came walking out on the runway. The glasses stood out to me first. So that is when the concept for this piece was born. I hope you like it. :)