Painting of a girl on her knees in Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2010, this fashion illustration is by artist danny roberts for Sundance Channel Full Fontal Fashion coverage of Paris Fashion Week

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The Pilgrimage of Yves Saint Laurent

Alrighty, last but definitely not least, in my painted journey through Paris Fashion Week, we come to Yves Saint Laurent! Ok, so i’ve seen a lot of shoulder pads, but i have to say, these were surprisingly awesome! They are really fun looking! Since we in the US are closing in on Thanksgiving, I thought this painting was quite fitting, cause the shoulders kind of reminded me of the collars of the Pilgrims! haha Well, i hope you’re having a great week. I hope you liked my series for Sundance Channel. If you haven’t checked out their fashion site, “Full Fontal Fashion” please do. The site’s content is amazing! How’s your week going?

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