A collage merging Artist Danny Roberts artwork and Chadwick Tylers photography into one piece


Visual Artist Collaboration

As you know I’ve been branching out from just drawing and painting to also pursue photography. So this past July I contacted my good friend, photographer Chadwick Tyler, about collaborating on a photographic/art project. On paper our artistic styles seem like opposites, however we thought it would be interesting to find some middle ground to merge our own unique visions. Through the process of exploring our artistic compatibility, over three days we created 140 different collages. It was amazing to me how well our pieces complemented each other. The frame above is the first of many pieces that will be posted from time to time. The funny thing is, this project wasn’t even part of our proposed collaboration, it was done solely for the purpose of figuring out how our works would look together. I was, and am still, completely shocked and blown away at how well the styles work together.

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