Artist Danny Roberts Re interpreted sketch of scarlett barry self portrait of her holding a piece of glass with a tiger on it


The Girl and the Tiger

Ok so i just found this old sketch i just had to post! I seriously completely forgot about it. I drew it like 3 or 4 years ago, but there is something about it i really like. I remember i was web surfing on Myspace or Flickr… i came across this self-portrait that Scarlett Barry had done, and it was fun looking, the next thing i knew, i was sketching on the nearest piece of paper, and this was born. I hope you like it ;) P.S. I know i said this on the post earlier today, but just a reminder ;) I have been having trouble keeping up on Formspring, emails, etc. so what i thought could help is if my brother (who helps me alot) & i did a video question and answer. So if you want to post on the comment part below questions for me or my brother or even both of us and we will try to make a video for you all :)

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