Artist Danny Roberts Character sketchbook drawing of  Anna Mariya Urazhevskaya

Volume 3

Anna Mariya Urazhevskaya #225

Wow, I just sat down to type up this post and it hit me how tired i am. So if things are spelled funny or sentences don’t make sense, it’s just because my brain is slowly falling sleep as i type. hah :) Well, finally today i started back working in volume three of my Character Sketch Book. I can’t remember the last time i drew in it. So i picked up a pen and drew this one of model Anna Mariya Urazhevskaya by Michelangelo di Dattista. It’s the 225th drawing in my Character Sketch Book and i like how it turned out. Reminds me a bit of Tim Burton. I hope you like it!

Book Update: We finished chapter 7 today and are currently 176 pages into the rough draft.

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