A Close up of Fashion Art, Danny Roberts, feature in Vogue Spain

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Thank you Vogue Spain!

Hey Friends! I’m in the December Issue of Vogue Spain! Wow, thank you, thank you Vogue Spain! And thank you, my friends, again for your support, your comments, and your Tweets! :) Hey, what do you think? i think having my Vogue cover printed in a Vogue is the closest to doing a Vogue Cover i have ever been! haha

The Fashion World is in Love at First Sight with Blog Igor + Andres Model Drawings

Under this pseudonym hides Danny Roberts, a 22-year-old young artist trained in fashion design and a lover of models, whose drawings have gone beyond the virtual world. Roberts has already collaborated with three labels, nothing surprising considering he started his own t-shirt company when he was 13! Who are his favorite iconic models? The Ward sister, Gemma and Sophie. Their look is from another world—innocent and sophisticated. Roberts, who has drawn more than one hundred versions of Gemma Ward and Lily Cole, notes Egon Shiele, Aubrey Beardsly, Irving Penn, and Steven Meisel as influences. He is a fan of vintage Vogue and Vanity Fair covers, and would love to collaborate with McQueen. What’s next? He’s illustrating a children’s book written by Sophie Ward, publishing his own book, making short films, a cd… Edit: P.S. Thank you so much Stephanie Mezyk for the translation!! amazing ;)

Danny Roberts feature in Vogue Spain plus cover
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