Artist Danny Roberts Light and Color study of Swedish model Mona Johannesson Color pencil Portrait


Mona Johannesson – Light & Color Study

Happy New Year! This post is a Light & Color Study drawing I created over the last 3 days of Swedish model Mona Johannesson. Over the last few weeks I’ve been concentrating on improving my drawing skills by doing a lot of light & color studies of poses and angles that have given me trouble in the past. This drawing was created by using a color pencil on Arches 300 lb. hot press paper, blended with razor blades, colorless blenders, and rubbing alcohol. Below, are some of my take aways learned from making the piece.

My Lessons Learned;
– Pre visualize the final image
– Think through what I’m drawn to & want to express
– Work on transitioning from big to small shapes
– Blend, blend, blend, and than blend some more
– Look at the subject from different perspectives

close up details picture of Artist Danny Roberts Light and Color study of Swedish model Mona Johannesson Color pencil Portrait
Artist Danny Roberts Water Color of Mona Johannesson inspired by Camilla Akrans photo


Through the Sheet – Mona Johannesson

Over the years there have been  images that from the first time I see them I’m inspired to paint them. There have also been images that no matter how many times I paint them it never gets old, still feel inspired to paint them over and over. It almost feels like a quest to truly capture the element that I love about the image. Camilla Akrans’s photo of Mona Johannesson is one of those images. I drew it in my Character Sketchbook years ago, and it is an image that I keep coming back to and drawing or painting again and again. I never have been satisfied by my interpretation of the picture. So a few days ago I decided to give it another go. It’s a Watercolor & Color Pencil on Arches 300lbs hot press paper. It turned out way better than I thought it would. What do you think?

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Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of Japanese Model Risa Nakamura (RisaDoll) wearing Glasses


Risa Nakamura

The painting today is of Risa Nakamura also known as Risadoll. She has a great look and was really fun to draw. So last week I was experimenting with digital painting. I’ve done a little bit of it throughout the years, but for the most part I don’t enjoy doing it as much as real life painting. For this piece I started out with a black & white pencil sketch in my sketchbook that I digitally colorized. I really like how it turned out. My brother thought it was kinda different for me… What do you think?

Danny roberts painting of Japanese star Natsume Mito - なつめみと with a big ice cream cone


Natsume Mito – なつめみと

I started learning Japanese a week and a half ago. Everything I read about learning the language said I needed to fully immerse hearing the language. Which brings me to Natsume Mito. I’ve been listening to a lot of music from Japan to help with my language skills and a few of Natsume Mito’s music videos pulled up into my play lists. She has a really fun and adorable style. I did a series of sketches of her and this water color painting. I had a lot of fun with it, so I’m starting a series called “Portraits of Japan”.

Artist Danny Roberts Mixed media portrait of Irish Fashion Model Laura Ogrady of Supreme Management and select model Management , mediums scratchboard, water soluble cran


Laura O’Grady – Scratchboard

I had some fun yesterday with a scratchboard and water soluble crayons. I was looking through Irish model Laura O’Grady’s Instagram account and was inspired by one of her posts. I sketched two versions of it, and will post the other version tomorrow. Also, I have a video coming soon. Hope you’re having a great day.

Fashion Photographer and Artist, Danny Roberts photo portrait of IMG model Anastasia Krivosheeva colorized eyes closed with flowers in her hair


Anastasia Krivosheeva’s Technicolor Dreams

My brother & I are branching out into photography, and I’m happy to finally post some of the photos I took this last summer during the few months I was living with my friend and photographer, Chadwick Tyler in NYC. I had the pleasure to work with the lovely Anastasia Krivosheeva. She is an amazing & delightful person. Chadwick surprised me with his craftiness constructing this flower head piece. This photo was one of my favorites from the shoot. It was originally a black & white photo, but I decided to try out some different colorizing techniques I’ve been working on. All of the color tints were painted. I can’t wait to show you more images and am hoping to start taking some photography jobs. Also, Anastasia is an up & coming photographer as well as a model.

Artist Danny Robert painted portrait of Young Japanese model and Actress Nana Komatsu


Nana Komatsu

Yesterday, I was scrolling through images on tumblr, when i stumbled on to one of the most adorable actresses i’ve seen. Her name is Nana Komatsu; she is a Japanese actress based out of Tokyo. She inspired me to start sketching, and this painting was born. It was a mixed media portrait using coffee, fluid inks, and color pencil on Arches water color paper. I hope you like it.

Also, just wanted to update you on a few things. David and I just finished the second draft of our first novel. We can’t wait till you all get to read it. Tim & I are about halfway done with the Dream Walking Society album. It’s going to be amazing. It already sounds so good. :)

How about you? how are you doing?