This is a drawing Danny Roberts did of Emma Arvida Elisabeth Byström


A Few Drawings Over The Last Two Days…

This is a drawing i did tonight of a girl from Sweden named, Emma Arvida Elisabeth Byström. she was kind enough to post some of my work on her blog today. Which is the first time anyone has every featured my work. :) This is the First portrait of my new Blogger Portrait Series.
The Picture below are of my friends stacy and Sophie & Gemma Ward.

This is a picture i did for my friend Stacy Dupree. I drew her as a siren for inspiration...

This is a Painting Danny Roberts did of Stacy Dupree as a SirenThis Drawing is From Danny roberts character Sketchbook, its a picture of sophie WardGemma Ward Drawing by Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for his Character Sketchbook
This is a drawing danny roberts did of stacy dupree



hey every buddy, it’s been a while since my last post. been working really hard on finishing up this book.
I got some really fun projects coming up with the likes of miss Sophie Ward and Stacy King. i think it should be pretty awesome if everything comes together.
i wanted to post a drawing i did tonight as practice, cause i’ve been slacking on practicing lately.
hope you like it.