Artist Danny Roberts portrait of his friend sean cimino

Friends Portrait

Sean Cimino Free Mago

Hey friends! David and I are currently in the car heading down to LA to see our friend, Sean Cimino, play in his band Foster the People. He plays guitar and a bunch of other instruments in the band. Sean has been one our best friends since we were in kindergarten. Now a days, with Foster the People doing so well and touring so much, it means we don’t get to see as much of him. But it also makes the times we do get to hang even more special. I thought I would surprise him with a portrait. I hope you like it! :)

Artist Danny Roberts blogger portrait series painting of Blogger and Lucky magazine editor John Jannuzzi


John Jannuzzi

Well after two years, i’m happy to present you with my 37th portrait in my Blogger Portrait Series.. It’s really hard for me to believe that it has been 2 years since the last one in the series. It’s scary that time can move that fast. It feels good to start the series back up again. It’s kind of a cool different thing doing blogger portraits now than it was when i first started it. When i first started it about 4 or 5 years ago, my main goal was to give back to the bloggers that have inspired me, and for the most part, i didn’t know any of the bloggers. Looking back now, it’s crazy to see how many of them i consider good friends. So it’s my pleasure to feature my friend, the man, the myth, and the legend, Mr. John Jannuzzi. For those who don’t know John Jannuzzi, he basically is a blogging machine. He is a Contributing Digital Editor at Lucky Magazine, he runs a blog called Textbook. Textbook is a site where John styles his favorite characters throughout fashion, literature, history and music. He also has a few other blogs, To my Wife, and Rogue Bicycles Not only does he have all these great blogs, he also has one of the most entertaining twitter accounts i’ve ever read. It’s pretty much a household favorite. You can check out his twitter here. I hope you like the portrait and do check out John’s sites. i know you’re going to like them. :)

Artist Danny Roberts mix media portrait of next modeling agency Rasa Zukauskaite lithuanian model

Models Portrait

Rasa Zukauskaite

Well, i finished the mixed Media painting i was working on with enough time to post it today! Mission accomplished ;)
So, the picture today is of the lovely Rasa Zukauskaite. I posted the rough draft sketch of the picture a few posts back and finally finished it this afternoon. It was one of those pictures that i had a vision of how i wanted it to turn out, and when i was 80% done with it, i decided to take it in a different direction. I’m really glad i did. The reference picture i got from Rasa’s Flickr page (do check her Flickr page out) and I think it was a self portrait she had done. The mediums used were pencil, water color, color pencil, and pen. I’m planning on putting up a stop motion video of making this portrait tomorrow. I hope you like it.

Book Question of the Day: If you had a pet eagle, what would you name it?

P.s. Thanks for all the great wolf names. We loved reading through them.

Artist Danny Roberts portrait of IMG Models Developement new face model from Denmark Anna Lund Sorensen

Fresh Face Models Portrait

Anna L. – Img Models

Well Hello Friends!
Ever since i did the Spring 2011 Top Newcomers Series, i’ve had the idea of starting a portrait series of new up and coming Models. David and i have even talked about doing an interview to accompany the portrait as part of series. Well, i’m happy to say that the Anna L. is the first portrait in the “Newcomer Portrait Series“. Anna is a Danish model with IMG. She first caught my eye when, a few months ago, I was on’s and they had featured Anna as a new face. When i was looking through the images on the post, the set of polaroids of her was what first caught my eye. There were about six or seven of them, and she just had such pure and naturally beautiful look, that i knew instantly that i wanted to paint her.

Plus she has great freckles, and as you know, i'm a sucker for freckles.;)

a Polaroid of IMG Models Developement new face model from Denmark Anna Lund Sorensen a Polaroid of IMG Models Developement new face model from Denmark Anna Lund Sorensen

I really hope you like this portrait i did based off of a polaroid from I posted below a few of my favorite Polaroid's of anna. Hopefully we can do some interviews on the next ones so we can share the girls personalities as well as looks. ;) If you have any suggestions of new girls who you think would be good for this series, Dave & I would love here them, so just the name or a picture of the person on our Facebook page. Lastly, i just wanted to let you know what's been going on for the last few months. As i'm sure you can tell, my posting has been quite pathetic lately. It's not due to a lack of interest. Since the start of the year, I've had a slight career change from Illustration, to doing more Creative Direction of a hand full of special projects i've been wanting to do for the last 6 or 7 years now, which has been quiet the learning curve. So, keeping up blogging and emails so far this year has been super tough. Luckily, I finally feel like i've got things pretty manageable, so i'm hoping to be back posting consistently again. For those who haven't given up on us, sorry, thanks for your patience, and i hope you like what we have going forward. :)

Artist Danny Roberts Black and white portrait of Satoru Sugimoto


Satoru Sugimoto

Hey Friends, sorry i wasn’t able to get the ustream up today.
The initial sketch on the wood took way longer than i thought it would.
So i guess we will have to do it tomorrow (Tuesday, December 6th) at 2 p.m. PST. ;)
The portrait today is of my good friend, Satoru Sugimoto.
Satoru was the man who put our trip to Tokyo together.
He was seriously one of the biggest highlights of the trip for us.
Such a fun and kind person. I did this portrait of him right after our trip. i thought you would like it. :)
Hope you’re having a great night, and see you tomorrow.
Got to do some baking tonight ;)

Igor and Andre Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of Prolific Musician Joseph Arthur


The Great Joseph Arthur

Well my friends, i need to make this post quick because I’m off to see Joseph Arthur perform again tonight! Like I said last week, Joseph Arthur’s live performance is one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen. And when people inspire me, I always want to paint them. So ever since last week i’ve been wanting to paint him, and finally last Friday i started working on the painting as part of my Musician Portrait Series. Just finished it today! I hope you like it, please check him out! P.S. My friends in the band Eisley just had their new album released today! Go check it out, it’s great!:)

Artist Danny Roberts Portrait of his brother david roberts aka damien t wallace as a pirate pen and ink black and white.


Happy Birthday My Brother

It’s David’s birthday today! He turned 28. So crazy. :) So i thought i would post an old pirate drawing i did of him as his alter ego “Damien T. Wallace” We saw Joseph Arthur late last night to kick off the birthday celebration, which was the perfect way to start it off, because this was Dave’s first time seeing him perform live. Seriously, it is beyond me how Joseph Arthur is not one of the biggest names in Music. The guy is ridiculous. He has written a zillion albums that are all fantastic. His live performances are something you have never seen before. He goes up there by himself, ad libs on the spot, and creates new versions of his songs. He builds up loops of different instruments, and then picks up a paint brush and begins painting on a canvas behind him while singing the song…. haha Sorry, i will settle down. Needless to say, i think it was a good start to my brother’s birthday. If you could, wish him a Happy Birthday on twitter ;) His twitter name is @David_Roberts_

Artist danny roberts Reinterpretation portrait French photographer of  Cecile Decorniquet picture of a little girl


Cecile’s Little Girl Series

Hi Friends! How was your weekend? I’m thoroughly exhausted from a long weekend. My brother David and I have been driving up and down the state. I thought today i would post this quick little sketch i did of French photographer Cecile Decorniquet‘s brilliant portrait series. I’m not sure if you have seen her series of little kids, but I love the series so much i want to draw every picture from it! I ended up sketching this during a car ride this week, I so i thought i would post it! I really hope you like it :)

Artist Danny Roberts Painting of Actress elle fanning for her editorial with interview magazine


My Elle Fanning Painting

Alright my friends, here is the final finsihed painting of Elle Fanning :) I found out yesterday that the amazing editorial i painted this video from was from Interview Magazine! I’ve been blown away from your kind words about the video. So happy your like it. I’m hoping to make more for you soon. I really like how the painting turned out. She was really fun to paint. i think there will be more where that came from ;) I hope you like it! Let me know what you think :)

Artist Danny Roberts Oil Painting of Radiohead Muscian and Vocalist Thom Yorke art for Stacy Dupree Birthday


Thom Yorke

So i just realized i never posted a big version of this oil painting i did of Thom Yorke of Radiohead. I painted it two years ago for my friend Stacy Dupree. She is a singer and shares the same birthday as Thom, so i thought it would be a good birthday present. I really like how it turned out. It seriously just happened. I threw on some Radiohead and began painting and a few hours later it was done! It’s a lot different style wise than my usual stuff… i think it kinda has the “Thom Yorke” Vibe…. What do you think? I hope you like it :)