Artist Danny Roberts Sketch of Max and sherri Bemis daughter Lucy. アーティストのダニー・ロバーツによる、ルーシーのスケッチ、マックスとシェリー・ベミスの娘


Lucy & the Cupcake

In honor of seeing my friends Max, Sherri, & the Bemis Family tomorrow… this sketch of their daughter Lucy seemed like the right post. Lucy really needs her own comic book. I am starting on a handful of commissions today and will be working on them for the next few weeks. With Christmas quickly approaching, if you are wanting to buy any originals or prints, it’s best to order sooner than later so I have enough time to get them to you. If there is any piece you want that is not in the store, just comment and let me know which one, and I will try to get it up in the store. I hope you are having a great day.

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