This is a new painting that Artist Danny roberts did for raracurio

Fashion Collections

Done. Done. Done.

I’m DONE! Wow, that took longer than i thought it would. Let me first say that this is just a crappy snap shot. i’ll post it again when it’s scanned, and it will look 10,000 times better, i hope. haha But yes, i’m done! It’s Saturday! which means i can collect my thoughts, breath in, relax, and plan out this next week! Hope you all are doing great.

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  1. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and a Camel! You really outdid yourself this time, it’s a_m_a_z_i_n_g! The colors, the details. And the rate you deliver at, every week, they just keep coming!

    September 7, 2008 at 9:34 am