danny roberts portrait of his Brother David Roberts


David T. Roberts – Damien T. Wallace

Happy Monday friends! How have you been? I’ve been a little under the weather lately. Been feeling pretty sick and exhausted… not sure what’s up.. But on the bright side, i’ve been laying low and watching a lot of old movies. Like I watched, for the first time, “White Christmas” and “Holiday Inn” which were mind blowing good! I mean, the actors of those days could sing and dance. It’s mesmorizing! Like i’ve said before, Fred Astaire is my hero. He is amazing. :) Also, watched the Sound of Music today! I wish they still made movies like those great old movies…. Well, the drawing today is of my brother David Roberts that i drew about 3 years ago. :) My brother is my best friend, and has been incredible in helping me with business and emails, some of you have had the pleasure of meeting him. So i thought i would post about him :) He also is a contributor with me, Stacy Dupree, Cat Khan (Knightcat), Geri Hirsch, Alice Baxley & Ryan Baxley on “The Dream Walking Society” P.S. If you’re wondering about why the name “Damien T. Wallace” is up in the title, that is my brother’s random nickname… :)

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