Artist danny Roberts 56 th line drawing of lily cole editorial out of his Character Sketch book

The Lily and Gemma book

Crossing the Dragon Gap

Well, the drawing today is from my “Character Sketch Book” which i started right when i really started drawing…Which was 4 years ago. So weird to think i’ve only really been drawing constantly for 4 years. It seems so long ago. haha. Well, the Phrase “Crossing the Dragon Gap” refers to traveling into the unknown, because in the olden days map makers would draw dragons in places no one had traveled. Well, learning how to draw was the first real dragon gap i had crossed… And as i set goals for this next year, and mapped out my dreams for the year, Looks like i will have to cross another “Dragon Gap”. I’m a little nervous/anxious, but I’m also so painfully excited to share the journey with you all. Needless to say, this Image is perfect for expressing what I’m feeling right now ;) Random story….I Drew this in the bleachers of a wrestling tournament when i was couching wrestling with my dad. :)

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