Artist Danny Roberts portrait of his friend sean cimino

Friends Portrait

Sean Cimino Free Mago

Hey friends! David and I are currently in the car heading down to LA to see our friend, Sean Cimino, play in his band Foster the People. He plays guitar and a bunch of other instruments in the band. Sean has been one our best friends since we were in kindergarten. Now a days, with Foster the People doing so well and touring so much, it means we don’t get to see as much of him. But it also makes the times we do get to hang even more special. I thought I would surprise him with a portrait. I hope you like it! :)

Photo Portrait of Writer of Bunny Bisous, stylist, and red head Julia Frakes with yellow and black sunglasses picture by artist danny roberts


Miss Julia Frakes

Morning Friends, How are you doing? I was looking through Fashion Week Pictures and this picture is of my friend Miss Julia Frakes of Bunny Bisous. Julia is one amazing person. I think most people aren’t aware of all she does. I sure didn’t till this last year. She is amazing; she’s a writer, editor, stylist, you name it, and she can do it ;) Well hope you like the pic of her and if you stare into her glasses, my brother Dave is in the picture too. Hope you’re doing great!

Sophie Ward's feature in silver magazine


Road Trip of a Life Time!

Well my friends, since mom has adopted Sophie and i guess Sophie has adopted us as her American family, i have to share this with you all. i’m really excited for her. The images i posted are some scans from Miss Sophie Ward’s blog. They are from an article she wrote for a magazine called Silver Magazine. In it, she tells the story about a road trip that she and her sister did around America. For me, it’s really fun to read and see because that was around the time Sophie and i started to become good friends. Actually, if you read the story at the end where they leave from Vegas for LAX airport, that day they actually stopped by my house on the way, which was the first time they had seen my studio. And it was the first time Sophie saw, in person, the drawings i did for her book the Ginger Marmalade Toastmiester. Go to her blog if you get a chance and enjoy!

This is a Picture of Model Sophie Ward in front of Danny Roberts painting of her


The Lady Sophie Ophelia Frida Claire Ward

Hello my friends, Well, dropped off the magical Miss Ward in LA last night. I have to say, i don’t remember the last time i had so much fun as the last few days with Sophie. She truly is amazing. Do get familiar with her writing; i think she is going to be one of the greatest writers of our day. Also, if you could get the word out on her blog. We also met in regards to Paper Castle Press and the direction of the Company. I can say, there are some exciting things coming up. :) So, what do you all think of how Sophie’s portrait is coming? The oils are starting to dry and i can’t wait to lay some more layers down on it. I really really really hope i can capture her lovely demeanor and cheery outlook. I shall keep you all up to date on it. Happy Sunday :)

The painting is part of a How to Series. Click the links below to see this piece come to life
The Under painting (current post)
Layer work
Finished painting