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The Dream Walking Society Website!

Ladies and Gentleman, my dear friends,
I’m so excited to tell you that The Dream Walking Society finally has a website! I spent this last weekend designing and coding the website. I am so happy to finally be able to share the concept with you. So to quote the website,

“The goal of the Dream Walking Society is to embrace the age of digital communication and to collaborate, experiment, and explore making music with musicians all over the world. The theme of each of our projects corresponds with the up and coming book series by Igor + André.”

My friend Tim and I wrote the rough tracks for 21 songs over the last year. In the next few months we are going into the studio and starting to record the songs. I can’t say who’s going to be on the album yet just because nothing is official yet… but some of the musicians scheduled to play on the album are some of my all time favorite musicians. Check it out! I hope you like the site and I’m so excited to share everything to come with you! :)

A collage image from Fashion Artist Danny Roberts for his issue of Whats Contemporary Photo is of Danny Aunt Gina As a kid in 1940

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My What’s Contemporary Issue

Well, it’s finally here!
My What’s Contemporary issue is finally up!
I will wait to post the rest of the images tomorrow, but you can check out the full issue up at www.whatscontemporary.com.
All the images in the collages were made out of portions I sampled from different currencies from all over the world, as well as scans I made of old family photos my mom inherited when my grandma died a few years ago. It was a really special experience going through the photo’s and incorporating them into my pictures. The image above is of my aunt when she was a little girl and when she was in high school. The Full concept is up on the site. I really hope you like it! Let me know what you think :)