Finished Drawing by Danny roberts of model Katiusha Feofanova Vogue Cover for speed drawing video
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Katiusha Feofanova – Art in Motion

It took me a few days to drawing and film this timelapse video. So I had to speed the video up 7000 times faster. If only I could draw that fast…. The drawing is of model Katiusha Feofanova’s Vogue Cover. This Video was released early last month on monthly Patreon. Also I’m giving the original artwork from these videos away to one of my patrons(the Scholar tier). If you want to support my work and be eliable to win sign up here. :) For those who have helped support me on Patreon over the last few months, I am forever grateful. Thank you! 🙏

✨ Music ✨
The music is from a beautiful Anime Movie, ‘Your Name’ (君の名は。). The song is called Date (デート).

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