A still frame for David and Danny roberts Short film from tokyo Fashion week fur fur show
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Tokyo Fashion Week

Flowers through the Fog – Japan Fashion Week

Hey Friends! How are you? So I’m happy to say David and I have finished the 4th chapter of our book and are offically 90 pages into it! Woot woot! So I have a video to share with you today that David shot in Tokyo during japan fashion week, and I just finished editing. It is from the Fur Fur Spring 2012 presentation. It was an incredibly beautiful and spontaneous show. The models wore a mix of dark and light colored garments with flowers on their heads. We learned later from our friend that the styling of the show was mori girl. Mori girls are basically like forest wandering girls. We really loved the concept. There was really trippy, creepy music playing all through it. From time to time, some of the models would all stand up and slowly walk around and then, all at once, find a different seat and sit down. The motion and coordination of it all was really something to behold. We hope you like the video!

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